Diamond C10 – Dense and Managed IP streaming Chassis

Diamond C10

Dense and Managed IP streaming Chassis


Diamond C10 delivers high-density, high-quality low-latency streaming for IPTV distribution, contribution and remote production.

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The Diamond C10 Chassis is a modular high-end managed frame supporting VITEC’s OG cards. It is ideal for organisations looking for an easy, reliable and affordable way to create a digital IPTV head-end to stream a high number of channels.

The Diamond C10 uses a highly efficient integrated controller card that serves as the single point of interaction with the network, manages all hardware modules in the system and has automatic triggers for redundancy and failover.

The hot-swappable design allows cards with different interfaces, encoding or decoding capabilities to be mixed and matched as required.

The platform delivers reliability and performance for continuous operation, with adaptive cooling and redundant power supplies.

Supported VITEC OG cards


  • IPTV distribution
  • Provide live TV within digital signage or as part of an interactive IPTV portal
  • Broadast Contribution over IP
  • Multi-site and/or multi-channel IP Video contribution
  • Remote contribution
  • Streaming video to desktop/laptop, TV and mobile devices
  • Deliver video streams to mobile devices

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