Remote Production & IP Contribution

Capture content in the field and confidently stream across any network to your control room.

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VITEC Highlights

  • 100% Hardware HEVC solution reducing network bandwidth use
  • Delivering pristine quality up to 4K60p
  • Reliable stream transport protection for reliable video transmission
  • Portable or openGear form factor to accommodate all configuration

Remote Production

Capture content in the field and confidently stream across any network back to your control room with IP Contribution.

Solution Highlights

  • Capture and transmit live feeds from the event back to the broadcast facility for production
  • Reduce on-site infrastructure costs (no TV truck) - CAPEX
  • Reduce on-site operating costs (reduced on-site team) – OPEX
  • Cover more live events, produce more contents

Application Benefits

  • Low bandwidth, Low latency solution enabling Remote production over The Internet
  • SD up to 4K support
  • Time-Synched playback
  • Reliable Stream Transport protection for best Quality of Service - QoS
  • Scalable and flexible solution with openGear VITEC encoder / decoder cards

Use Cases for Remote Production IP Contribution



Feature Story News Streams Video of Historic U.S. Presidential Visit to Cuba Worldwide With VITEC Solution

“Using VITEC’S MGW Ace and MGW D265 solution, our transmission of the presidential visit in Cuba was a complete success. We had thunderstorms on Sunday and lots of the networks were having issues with their satellite feed, but we never had one single issue. We had continuous coverage and were the talk of the other new agencies because of our VITEC streaming solution.“

Simon Marks
Feature Story News

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Cornerstone Church

Cornerstone Church

VITEC's Houses Of Worship Solution enables flawless dual-channel multi-site streaming

"Cornerstone is a growing church committed to offering an inclusive community that unites our campuses with one message. VITEC’s Multi-Site Video Streaming Solution enabled us to flawlessly stream both of our camera feeds from our main campus to our remote sites. And utilizing the integrated time-slip and playback capabilities of the well-known Renewed Vision ProVideoServer, all the people who attend the services at our satellite campuses now have the same message and rich video experience that’s taking place at our main campus. VITEC not only met our budget criteria but our requirement for quality, which we weren’t willing to sacrifice."

Marty Sawyers,
Cornerstone’s Executive Pastor

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VITEC Multi-Site Video Streaming Solution

The Bridge is committed to offering a live-streaming solution so that our campuses can experience the weekend services and other church events together. The VITEC solution allows us to use high-end technology over the public Internet, which is a huge cost savings versus satellite. With it, we can bring both locations closer together. At no time is this benefit more evident than when the two campuses are engaged with each other using bi-directional streaming.

Jay Patton
Technology Operations Minister
The Bridge Christian Church

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VITEC delivers pristine quality, low bandwidth, low latency contribution feeds for broadcasters

Ideal for live news broadcasting and point-to-point video contribution, VITEC Solution takes the benefits of its high-quality, low-delay hardware GEN2+ HEVC encoder to extend the reach of video services to remote destinations with bandwidth constraints.

Especially suited for contribution over the Internet, VITEC’s video contribution solution delivers news stories, live entertainment, and sports content reliably. More flexible than traditional workflows, VITEC solution for Remote Contribution allows to capture content in the field and confidently stream across any network back to your control room. Drastically reducing operating and capital expenses, it allow Broadcasters, media companies and content originators delivering more live events to its audience.

VITEC Contribution solution is powered by the innovative codec of the MGW Ace encoders & decoders, MGW Diamond along with VITEC's contribution and distribution Playout Server and MGW ChannelLink.

VITEC's Remote Production IP Contribution


Contribution & Distribution Server allows organizations to deliver content anywhere, anytime

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MGW Ace Encoder

MGW Ace delivers Ultra Low Latency with the highest HEVC quality in a portable streaming appliance

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MGW Ace Decoder

MGW Ace Decoder is a professional grade, high performance IP decoding appliance

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