VITEC contribution and remote production solutions enable organisations to contribute live video content between multiple points using a private or public network connection, or routing through a CDN. SRT is integrated with VITEC’s core streaming technology to provide the Secure and Reliable Transport of video between remote sites.

Why Use Our IP Video
Contribution & Remote
Production Solutions?

Content Contribution

Ideal for live news broadcasting and point-to-point IP video contribution, VITEC solutions extend the reach of video services to remote destinations with bandwidth constraints.

  • Make any video content available, anywhere, at any time.
  • Share live video between offices and keep employees up to date with company news, KPIs and announcements.
  • Enable remote viewers to watch video content on their chosen device, such as TVs, SmartTVs, desktop or mobile devices, wherever they are.
  • Deliver news and information from remote locations back to central control facilities with IPTV distribution.
  • Leverage your own private network with HLS (HTTP Live Streaming).
  • Protect streams with industry-standard AES encryption.
  • Contribute to internet CDN services.
  • Utilise CDN provider infrastructure to extend the reach of content.

Remote Production

Capture content in the field and confidently stream across any network back to your control room. Drastically reducing operating and capital expenses, VITEC contribution solutions allow broadcasters, media companies and content originators to efficiently deliver live events.

  • Capture and transmit low-bandwidth, low-latency live feeds up to 4K from the event back to the broadcast facility for production.
  • Reduce on-site infrastructure costs (no TV truck) – CapEx.
  • Reduce on-site operating costs (reduced on-site team) – OPEX
  • Cover more live events and produce more content.
  • VITEC openGear encoder/decoder cards enable a scalable and flexible solution.
  • Enable time-synched playback.
  • Reliable stream transport protection for the best quality of service.

Top Success Story
VITEC Delivers Live, Low Latency Remote Commentary over the Internet for Broadcasters


VITEC’s video low latency contribution solution combined with Eurosport’s well-established production capabilities ensured seamless live remote commentary, despite logistical challenges of commentators and production teams being in numerous, separate locations around the world.

Richard Bernard
Senior Product Manager, VITEC
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