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VITEC’s EZ TV IPTV and Digital Signage Platform Delivers Unprecedented User Experience and Fan Engagement in Sacramento Kings’ New Arena - Golden 1 Center

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Client: Sacramento Kings

Solution: IPTV & Digital Signage Solution

Integrator: Advantel

VITEC’s EZ TV IPTV and Digital Signage Platform Delivers Unprecedented User Experience and Fan Engagement in Sacramento Kings’ New Arena - Golden 1 Center

VITEC’s EZ TV IPTV and digital signage solution helps us enhance the fan experience like never before and truly sets the Golden 1 Center apart from other venues. Viewers don’t have to worry when they leave their seats because we’ve optimized every screen in the arena with the help of VITEC’s innovative solution. From corporate events, to concerts, to Sacramento Kings basketball games, we are able to dynamically create video-rich signage campaigns that are perfectly synchronized and visually captivating.

Ryan Montoya
Chief Technology Officer
Sacramento Kings

Inside this Success Story


In Golden 1 Center’s search for a solution that could offer IPTV and digital signage without compromising on quality or performance, the organization determined VITEC’s broadcast-grade EZ TV IPTV and Digital Signage platform met all its requirements. EZ TV provides the arena guests with an unprecedented visual experience while enabling operators to easily manage all the displays from one platform and successfully integrates VITEC’s IPTV streaming solution with comprehensive digital signage capabilities. As a result, the platform empowers the organization with a cost-efficient end-to-end solution that allows administrators to create digital signs and menu boards, centrally manage IPTV and signage content for every screen from a single interface, and automate video streaming workflows and signage campaigns. Addressing the need for advanced engagement, the EZ TV solution enhances the visual experience, engaging fans with live video streams and other video content. Golden 1 Center’s

solution is fully integrated with Appetize, the leading solution for food sales and inventory, and Legends Hospitality, a well-known food and client service provider for the world’s best sports venues.

VITEC’s hardware-based IPTV and signage end-points, along with the company’s professional carrier-grade Blade System encoders, provide low-latency 1080i HD playback as well as precise synchronization from display to display. VITEC’s versatile end-points can be used for both digital signage and IPTV applications, eliminating the overhead of managing two different types of systems and the burden of training personnel on different hardware. VITEC’s end-points are also uniquely designed to handle repeated daily boot-ups and shut-downs between events as well as the harsh environmental factors such heat and moisture from food stands or areas exposed to outdoor weather conditions.

The Solution

As a leader in video streaming solutions for the world’s most state-of-the-art sports and entertainment venues, VITEC was specified as the provider of choice even as the facility was in development. Utilizing the comprehensive architecture of the platform, the staff would be able to centrally manage and stream HD, low latency, in-house video feeds and cable channels as well as create eye-catching digital signage for distribution to all the venue’s displays and menu boards.

VITEC's IPTV and Digital Signage Solution for Sports Venues offers a cost-effective, flexible, and open architecture that is ideal for the ever-changing video, marketing, and sales requirements of today's sports venues. It distributes live video content from various sources including cable, satellite, off-air TV channels, and locally generated private video. Utilizing VITEC's hardware-based IPTV and signage end-points, users benefit from low-latency playback, real-time updating of electronic program guide, video-on-demand (VOD), time-shifted TV, real-time analytics, and user-controlled mosaic viewing of multiple channels. All available streams can be mapped to create customizable channel lineups for different users and groups within the organization.

Benefits of VITEC’s Streaming Solution

  • Comprehensive IPTV and digital signage capabilities from a single platform
  • Broadcast-quality, low-latency, synchronized HD streaming to displays
  • Affordable and highly reliable, 100 percent hardware-based end-points
  • Tier-1 IPTV provider experience with automatically synched EPG, low-latency viewing of game feeds
  • No recurring expenses (OPEX) or annual licenses to pay
  • Golden 1 Center is not done enhancing their guest experience yet. They have chosen to further upgrade their solution to include:
  • EZ TV’s sophisticated and automated food menu board capabilities, which will allow the organization to easily create and update every menu board, based on inventory and demand
  • Provide a customized iPad® app, powered by VITEC EZ TV’s Android and iOS SDK, for arena guests to access on-demand content and control TVs in premium seating areas

How VITEC's Solution Overcame the Challenges and the Results

To become the world’s most advanced arena poses a lot of challenges, especially in the delivery of high-quality video content to the large number of screens throughout the arena. Golden 1 Center needed a reliable, comprehensive streaming and digital signage solution that provided broadcast-quality video with low-latency streaming and could deliver eye-catching video content to every screen while offering an advanced and engaging TV entertainment experience for the lounge, suites, and lofts that would rival any home entertainment experience.

While delivering broadcast quality video content to the large number of screens throughout the arena for the fans and visitors was one challenge, effortless management of the content and delivery was another. Their solution needed to allow Golden 1 Center admins the ability to easily manage content, create digital signage campaigns, and stream content to assigned screens. Along with the content and management needs, the right solution for Golden 1 Center not only had to address these state-of-the-art requirements but be a future-proof solution that could evolve and adapt to arising entertainment demands for maximum fan engagement.

With the power of VITEC’s EZ TV platform, hardware-based IPTV and signage end-points, along with the company’s professional carrier-grade Blade System encoders, Golden 1 Center can utilize its IP infrastructure to provide fans and visitors with an eye-catching experience that blends high-quality, broadcast-grade video and dynamic digital signs with low-latency distribution and flawless synchronization between displays. On the concourse, visitors can walk around without missing any of the action happening inside the arena. Inside the suites and lofts, owners are treated to one of the best visual experiences available in sports.

For Golden 1 Center administrators, EZ TV enables them to centrally manage and distribute up to 16 in-house feeds, 16 unique menu board channels, and 74 TV channels. Administrators can effortlessly create and schedule video-rich signage for any of the displays - from the suites and lofts, throughout the concourse and concessions - all with one comprehensive solution.


Powerful Digital Signage Capabilities

EZ TV IPTV & Digital Signage Platform

VITEC’s Enterprise Grade IPTV & Digital Signage Platform combines broadcast quality IPTV distribution with powerful Digital Signage capabilities into an all-in-one integrated solution.

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