VITEC accommodation solutions are used worldwide to engage, entertain and inform viewers across a range of environments, from hotels and cruise ships to student or workplace accommodation, hospitals and military camps.

IP Video & Digital Signage
Solutions for Hotels

Surpass your guests’ expectations from the moment they arrive at your hotel with IPTV, Video on Demand and interactive services that provide a unique and personalised guest experience.

Engage and entertain your guests throughout their stay and encourage returning customers by offering all the conveniences of the latest hospitality technology solutions. From a wide selection of TV channels and the latest on-demand Hollywood movies, through to ordering room service, booking spa treatments and viewing their bill, guests can enjoy all of a hotel’s services and facilities through the comfort of their in-room TVs. Engage with guests throughout your facility with relevant, tailored information in reception areas, restaurants and meeting rooms, adding value and driving additional revenue.

Why Choose Our Solutions for Your Hotel?

Create a Premium Experience

Provide entertainment with live TV and VoD, as well as event, meeting and conference information, such as wayfinding or meeting room availability.

Drive Additional Revenue

Promote your services and amenities throughout your hotel and enable guests to purchase room service, book excursions and more from the comfort of their room.

Enhance Your Brand Image

Make a positive first impression by providing entertainment and relevant information, while reinforcing your hotel branding.

IP Video & Digital Signage
Solutions for Cruise lines

Deliver a memorable experience for cruise passengers with the very latest in on-board entertainment and information services.

Once in their cabin, a fully personalised and interactive IPTV portal enables them to book on-board activities and excursions, request towels and even access their own mailbox, and much more through the convenience of their in-cabin TV.

Why Choose Our Solutions for Your Cruise line?

Entertain With an Interactive In-Cabin Experience

Create branded portals that enable passengers to access TV and VoD as well as on-board services and ship and destination information, providing extensive revenue-generation opportunities.

Engage Passengers With Dynamic Digital Signage

Easily update and manage screen content on the go and display constantly updating information, such as destination details, excursions, itineraries and more throughout the ship.

Manage Your Complete Solution From a Central Location

Manage your IP video system and quickly update key VITEC endpoints, as well as non-VITEC devices such as SmartTVs, by simply dragging portals or signage campaigns onto the device or group of devices of your choice.

IP Video & Digital Signage
Solutions for Healthcare

Make patient care more comfortable with live TV and on-demand video, delivered directly to the bedside.

VITEC enables healthcare providers to communicate, inform and entertain patients in their care through the delivery of live TV and movies direct to bedsides, wards and public areas. Through the creation of bespoke services, patients also have interactive access to facility information, telephony, internet access and hospital radio. Video-based staff training and development can also be provided and managed from a single central location.

Why Choose Our Solutions for Your Healthcare Provider?

Make your patients’ stay more enjoyable

Deliver live TV and Video on Demand direct to the patient’s bedside, wards and public areas.

Provide relevant information

Supply patient and visitor information and announcements in public areas with digital signage.

Improve patient wellbeing

Give patients the ability to order additional services, such as personalised menus or a therapeutic massage, directly from their bedside or in-room TV.

Market Applications

Interactive IPTV Portals in Hotels

  • Enjoy a simple creation of viewing portals that offer an enhanced and intuitive in-room guest experience, opening up a wide range of revenue-generation opportunities for your organisation.
  • Let your guests feel right at home – keep guests entertained with a rich variety of TV channels and Video on Demand, Chromecast support, BYOD and recording capability.
  • Drive additional revenue – enable guests to purchase room service, book excursions, spa treatments, a taxi and more from the comfort of their room.
  • Enhance your brand image – create an interface that reflects your brand and personalise portals to present your services in the most appealing way.

Digital Signage in Hotels

  • Seamless integration with VITEC IP video solutions enables live TV and video to be quickly incorporated into impactful signage screens that engage, inform and entertain.
  • Share relevant information – make useful information easily accessible by integrating transport schedules, wayfinding, meeting room information and live news within branded signage.
  • Promote your hotel services – inform guests of dining options or special offers with branded signage screens in the reception, bar or any other public area.
  • Engage your employees – connect with your employees and share relevant information in staff areas to create a feeling of belonging and a positive work environment.

Interactive IPTV Portals in Cruise

  • Make your guests feel special – personalise the type of portal guests will see based on their loyalty membership level, type of room or special occasion, ensuring they enjoy a unique and fully customised experience.
  • Drive additional revenue – seamless integration with passenger management systems enables guests to order room service, purchase movies, book excursions and more.
  • Enhance your image – create portals that perfectly reflect and enrich your brand image while delivering a comfortable and ultra-convenient guest experience.
  • Ensure passenger safety – override in-cabin TV displays with emergency alerts and instructions.

Digital Signage in Cruise

  • Digital signage is an efficient tool for cruise operators who want to communicate with passengers and staff in an engaging way.
  • Update signage on the move – instantly change what is being displayed on screen using a remote control, or schedule campaigns in advance, ensuring the right message reaches passengers or staff at the right time in the right place.
  • Provide wayfinding information – display maps and deck plans in public areas to ensure crew members and passengers can find their way safely around the ship.
  • Generate additional revenue onboard – maximise revenues by incorporating advertising into signage and promote events, restaurants, spa, activities and on-shore excursions on display screens throughout the ship.
  • Ensure passenger safety – instantly override public signage displays with emergency alerts and instructions.

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