VITEC's in-house IPTV distribution solutions take live TV streams from a wide range of sources – terrestrial, satellite, IP or cable, as well as your own internal channels – and makes them available over your organisation’s LAN, wireless network, WAN, the internet and mobile devices. Once on the network, channels can be displayed on any number of end-points.

Why Use IPTV Distribution?

Make Any Channel Available, Anywhere

  • Efficient use of your network is guaranteed by streaming each channel once, regardless of the number of viewers, thus saving on bandwidth.
  • IP multicast streaming makes it easy to deliver live and on-demand video, up to 4K, to an unlimited number of endpoints across multiple sites and people on the go.
  • VITEC's head-end products provide reliable and energy-efficient power consumption per channel.
  • IT/video admins can control features at the push of a button.

Flexible and Scalable IPTV Distribution Technology

  • System scales to support any number of channels with HEVC and 4K support, as well as multiple end-user devices, without compromising system performance, flexibility or network availability.
  • Quick and simple to add new TV distribution sources and endpoints anywhere there is a network connection, without service interruption or picture degradation.
  • IPTV system grows with your requirements, making the solution futureproof.

Unparalleled Reliability and Content Security

  • Blade-into-Chassis design provides a highly reliable modular solution with ‘Hot Swapping’ ability that keeps your system up and running.
  • Hassle-free, intuitive setup and an easy-to-manage web interface give you extensive control and monitoring of your entire IPTV system.
  • Seamless integration with HDCPv2 and other international technology standards for content protection ensures secure video distribution from source to display.
  • IPTV distribution system offers user tracking, remote management and analytics.

Market Applications

IPTV Distribution
in Corporate & Finance

  • Live stream corporate events across your network to keep employees connected.
  • Stream IPTV content over LAN and WAN networks with cutting-edge encoding that provides the lowest latency possible.
  • Give employees access to 24/7 global news to aid critical decision-making.
  • Display channels on TVs or directly onto personal desktop monitors and laptops via TV distribution technology.
  • Deliver TV content to any compatible device to accommodate multiple locations and mobile users.
  • Easily transition from legacy cable-based TV systems to cutting-edge, cost-effective IPTV distribution systems using your existing network infrastructure.

IPTV Distribution
in Hospitality

  • Entertain guests by streaming local and international channels in public spaces, such as reception areas, bar or lobby.
  • Let guests enjoy in-room access to an unlimited number of channels during their stay.
  • Keep staff entertained in breakout areas and increase employee satisfaction and motivation.

IPTV Distribution
in Stadiums & Venues

  • Deliver high-quality, live-action TV plus news and sports programming throughout your venue to any screen or mobile device and keep visitors engaged.
  • Offer an exciting, high-quality entertainment experience for fans, increasing their loyalty.
  • Combine digital signage with IP video to display visitor information, sponsors’ adverts and announcements, as well as RSS feeds.

Top Success Story
VITEC’s Newest Version of EZ TV with Multicast-to-the- Edge® Improves CDC’s Video Streaming Capabilities

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

In addition to being ardent consumers of news and information, doctors, scientists, and other healthcare experts at the CDC produce a tremendous amount of original content for both internal and external consumption. This makes the agency one of the most video-centric departments in the federal government.

Dan Quinn
Federal Sales Director at VITEC
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