All-in-One IPTV

Designed for seamless integration with any IT environment, VITEC's IPTV & Digital Signage platform is the ideal all-in-one solution for secure, scalable and flexible video distribution and dynamic digital signage using an existing IP network.

Browser Player

EZ TV Player Lite for desktop playback is powered by VITEC’s HTML5 Multicast-to-the-Edge™ technology.

Plays live UDP multicast streams, OTT streams, and on demand files on any browser, without using browser plugins, on both Windows OS and Mac OS computers. Real-time AES decryption support, fully compatible with the content security requirements of all major satellite and cable TV content providers as well as US Government and Department of Defence full motion video DRM specifications.
VITEC’s Multicast-to-the-Edge® technology (US Patent No. 10728589)
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Media Library

Manage digital video content and collaborate on projects.

Integrates seamlessly into any existing IT environment and serves both local area network users (LAN) and remote users (WAN), and enables users to perform powerful tasks such as geo-mapping, cutting, stitching, extracting, and playing back multiple videos time-synced from any device.
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Mobile Apps

EZ TV App for Android and iOS and Devices.

VITEC’s IPTV player for iOS and Android devices integrates with the EZ TV Portal server to receive channel line-ups, programming information and user permissions. It delivers a best-of-class mobile streaming experience with under 500ms end-to-end delay for live video, support for up to 1080p content, network-efficient multicast UDP TS decoding and support for VITEC’s AES content protection / DRM for fully secure delivery of any content on any Wi-Fi network.
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Sign Creation

Design and create engaging digital signs easily.

An intuitive application supports a broad range of assets including videos, pictures, IPTV streams, social elements, sports scores, integration with food catering providers and multiple layers of graphics, all meshed into highly dynamic signage content to be displayed on VITEC’s digital signage end-points.
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Video-on-Demand to upload video assets or record programs streaming on the network.

Admins and users can trigger recordings based on privileges and quotas.
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Personal TV Middleware

Deliver interactive IPTV portals.

State-of-the-art TV middleware software that allows users to interact with their TVs, tune into live TV streams, view local feeds, watch on-demand videos, browse through up-to-date programming information, record shows and manage DVR-saved content. For use with VITEC’s IPTV end-points, and also with SoC TV support including LG (using LG webOS services), Samsung, Sony and Philips.
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Touch-Enabled Control

Create your own touch-enabled control panels for conference rooms, executive offices, luxury suites, restaurants, and more.

Saves the cost of purchasing, integrating and maintaining other systems when used for controlling rooms with IPTV TVs.
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Third Party Integrations

Third-Party Control Integrations

System on Chip (SoC) & Screen Casting

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Video Wall Processors
Hardware-based, Dual video IPTV set-top-boxes & signage players with low latency playback.
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Full range of digital video players for playback of live IPTV, VoD and Digital Signage Content.
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Interactive TV Portal
Fully versatile IPTV portal provides an intuitive viewing experience.
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Digital Signage
Create, manage and display impactful signage to enhance communications.
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