VITEC's Bruno Teissier, Senior Vice President, Sales at VITEC, explains how the latest video strategies reduce the environmental, economic and operational impact for broadcasters.

Learn more about how we work with next-generation video technologies that are robust, intelligent, and interoperable with other critical elements of broadcast operations:

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Broadcasters, content providers and media agencies around the world rely on VITEC IPTV and Digital Signage solutions to deliver, monitor and manage live TV and video content around broadcasters' offices, studios, and editing suites. VITEC’s powerful system administration tools and a sophisticated digital signage platform give broadcasters reliable content control with high-quality encoding compression technology.

IP Video & Digital Signage
Solutions for Broadcast & Media

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VITEC’s remote production and 4K contribution video streaming solutions provide optimal quality, ultra-low latency performance, and an intuitive TV experience across multiple sites.

Stream live broadcast quality content to any device, anywhere with error-free continuous coverage. VITEC’s powerful system administration tools and a sophisticated digital signage platform gives broadcasters reliable content control with high quality encoding compression technology. IPTV streaming solutions provide optimal quality, latency performance, and intuitive TV experience.

VITEC's SVP of R&D, Eric Deniau, explains why new technologies such as artificial intelligence will help broadcasters around the world enhance their market positions.

Learn more about why IP and emerging technologies are poised to transform broadcast operations:

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Why Choose Our Signage and IP System
Solutions in Your Broadcasting Business?

In-house IPTV Distribution

Easily transition from legacy basic cable-based TV systems to a cutting-edge, cost-effective IPTV Solution using the existing IT network infrastructure.

Video Contribution Remote Production

Capture and transmit live feeds from the event back to the broadcast facility for production Centralised Media Asset Management Media library allows interactive sharing with others on active projects, enabling real-time collaboration - allows the user to tag, edit, organize, store, and share images, videos and rich media across the network.

Distribute Live Feeds for Channel Monitoring

Distribute live feeds from broadcast cameras and deliver them to individual employee desktops, mobile devices or around studios and production galleries.

Broadcast & Media
Market Applications

Remote Production &
4K Contribution

  • Capture and transmit live event feeds across any network back to your control room for production with IP Contribution.
  • Reduce on-site infrastructure and operating costs (no TV truck) – eliminate CAPEX or OPEX
  • VITEC is positioned to provide the highest studio quality content in the industry at the lowest bit rates. Our products support remote contribution applications:
    • Multiple cameras, synchronous cameras and/or single-shot highly produced shows – the highest quality codecs, the lowest latency codecs – a solution for Tier 1 Broadcasters
    • Studio-quality 4:2:2 10-bit, ultra-low latency, under one frame glass-to-glass, enhanced features with talkback.

IP Video Streaming

  • Distribute live feeds from broadcast cameras around studios and production galleries for channel monitoring, so that media staff can track breaking news and monitor all available video streaming feeds.
  • Monitor multiple feeds simultaneously from a single desktop application, enabling staff to see various content streams on one screen.
  • Create tailored IPTV portals for an enhanced viewing experience on any device.
  • Provide a bridge between IPTV and SDI environments.
  • Continuously record TV channels for viewing on-demand and repurposing content.
  • Centrally create, manage, and control TV channels and video content up to 4K from one place.

Broadcast Digital
Signage Solutions

  • Seamless integration with IP video solutions enables live TV and video to be quickly incorporated into impactful signage screens that engage, inform and entertain staff and visitors.
  • Enhance your image by creating a unique, tailored look and feel, integrating corporate branding to promote your image.
  • Showcase show-reels and media productions in reception and public areas.
  • Share relevant information – communicate live news, video and tailored information simultaneously within branded digital signage screens.
  • Engage your employees – provide staff with centrally-managed video entertainment in breakout areas alongside relevant information.

VITEC Solutions

Video Streaming
Reliably stream high-quality live and recorded video across any network to any device and single or multiple sites with enterprise video streaming
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Video Contribution & Remote Production
Reliable and secure contribution of video between multiple points using a private or public network connection.
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IPTV Distribution
Leverage your IT network to harness engaging new IPTV distribution experiences for your audience
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