VITEC's end-to-end IPTV & Digital Signage Platform combines broadcast-quality IPTV distribution with powerful digital signage capabilities.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with any IT environment, run on all types of networks, and serve customers across a wide range of markets, including stadiums and venues, corporate, healthcare, broadcast, hospitality and accommodation, and government and military, VITEC's IPTV Platform provides a secure, scalable and cost-effective way to distribute video and display dynamic signage using an existing IP network.

VITEC's IPTV platform delivers a wide range of dynamic, powerful video streaming capabilities. To find out the solution that best meets your requirements, please get in touch or speak to your VITEC representative.

VITEC's award winning IPTV Platform offers live streaming, on-demand video, digital recording, multi-view player, time-shifted TV, a customisable look-and-feel, and much more.

  • Scalability – Easily deploy content with forward thinking engineering that provides built-in sustainability components for energy efficient cost savings.
  • Flexibility – Allow customers to manage IPTV configurations from an intuitive central system with a modular design that delivers a variety of options.
  • Reliability – Leverage IT networks without overtaxing resources in a very secure environment. VITEC is an approved partner with numerous industry technology partners and standards.

Learn more about the IPTV Platform; from interactive tv portals,  digital signage, and visual experience design services to video wall processors and end points. Check out the fully customisable platform options offered such as browser players, media library, apps and more.

VITEC's end-to-end IPTV & Digital Signage PlatformVITEC's end-to-end IPTV & Digital Signage Platform

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences recognized VITEC as 2021 Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award recipient for VITEC's IPTV Platform.

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VITEC's IPTV Platform offers versatile options such as mobile apps, smart touch-panel control extensions and more.


Combined with digital signage, a series of video wall processors, mobile apps for Android and iOS, smart touch-panel control extensions and API, the platform enables users to create and manage a full digital video experience in any building or venue or in a large multi-site environment for any application.

Find out more about VITEC’s reliable, flexible, and scalable IPTV capabilities:

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Digital Signage capabilities enable enterprises across many verticals to use displays to enhance employee, visitor or fan experiences.

Digital Signage

Powerful, hardware-based end-points deliver eye catching digital content with dynamic data and up to 4K video to any number of screens – all managed from a central all-in-one platform which can be installed on-premise or hosted as a cloud instance.

Find out more about Digital Signage scalable design options:

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Deliver eye-catching, interactive content.

IPTV Portals

Customise interactive viewing interfaces with built-in IPTV middleware, which can be tailored for individuals or groups of viewers in different areas of an organisation or venue.

Create, manage and publish eye-catching and engaging digital signage to enhance communications across a range of industries, including corporate, hospitality, stadiums, healthcare and more.

Find out more about VITEC’s Interactive TV portals:

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VITEC’s IPTV Platform family of end-points features a full range of professional-grade, hardware-based digital video players for playback of live IPTV streams, video on demand content and engaging digital signage content.

IPTV end-points

All end-points are controlled and operated from a central interface. This single point of management simplifies the complexity and costs associated with the initial deployment of an advanced IPTV and signage solution and ensures that the system is intuitive to operate, maintain and scale up to adapt to any expanding customer environment.

Find out more about VITEC’s IPTV end-points:

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VITEC‘s range of professional-grade, powerful video wall processors enable the display of live and recorded IPTV streams and digital signage on configurable large-scale video walls.

Video Wall Processors

This family of video wall processors features modular, configurable frames with all the input and output options for any video and audio source and hardware based video rendering to ensure smooth, synchronised playback of IPTV and file-based content 365 x 24 x7.

Integrated with VITEC’s IPTV and Digital Signage Platform, all video wall processors are controlled and operated from a central management interface for the day-to-day administration of content, schedules and user access rights.

Find out more about VITEC’s Video wall processors:

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With VITEC's IPTV & Digital Signage Platform,
from one central location you can:

  • Manage and control all devices in your IPTV Platform, including SmartTVs
  • Manage Video on Demand (VoD) and recordings and create custom channels
  • Maintain and upgrade devices using the Site Manager app
  • Create, manage and publish digital signage
  • Create and publish interactive IPTV portals
  • Create Workflows to trigger sequences of actions at the push of a button


Avedia Server Software Datasheet


Avedia Server Software Datasheet

EZ TV IPTV and Digital Signage Platform Brochure


EZ TV IPTV and Digital Signage Platform Brochure

EZ TV is a Technology & Engineering Emmy award-winning, all-in-one integrated platform that combines broadcast-quality IPTV distribution with powerful digital signage capabilities.


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All-in-One Platform
VITEC’s customisable IPTV Platform delivers options for scalability, flexibility and reliability.
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Video Wall Processors
Hardware-based, Dual video IPTV set-top-boxes & signage players with low latency playback.
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Full range of digital video players for playback of live IPTV, VoD and Digital Signage Content.
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Interactive TV Portal
Fully versatile IPTV portal provides an intuitive viewing experience.
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Digital Signage
Create, manage and display impactful signage to enhance communications.
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