Our Digital Signage and IPTV portal solutions are intuitive and easy to use, but as with any design project, starting with a completely blank canvas can be daunting.

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The VITEC Design Service enables you to commission a set of customised designs that will give you that step-up to creating well-designed signage screens or interactive IPTV portals.

Digital Signage

If you’re lacking the design expertise to turn something that’s ‘just okay’ into a dynamic, impactful digital signage campaign that effectively communicates, promotes or entertains with pizzazz, we can work with you to design of a set of custom templates that help you on your way.

IPTV Portals

If you’re unsure how to create attractive and intuitive IPTV portals that enable viewers to easily find their way around the services on their TV, while enabling you to drive additional revenue, we will work with you to create a full customised solution.

Success Stories

Learn more about how we have helped customers overcome challenges and achieve their goals with solutions that are the most flexible, scalable, reliable, and secure on the market.


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