Professional carrier-grade platforms that compress and stream video at broadcast quality

VITEC Modular Blade Systems house VITEC’s H.264 HD/SD and HEVC 4K/HD/SD encoding blades. Designed for mission critical applications, the dense hardware architecture offers extensive modularity and redundancy options.

The MGW platform uses a highly efficient integrated controller blade that serves as the single point of interaction with the network, manages all hardware modules in the system and has automatic triggers for redundancy and failover.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports NMOS IS-04 and can be managed from a Device Connection Manager through control interface supporting NMOS IS-05
  • Hot-swappable components with a built-in automatic failover for all critical components
  • Mix and match inputs and outputs offers service diversity within each platform
  • Network interface redundancy and diversity modes
  • 7th generation codec offers best in class 4K, HD and SD video quality with support for HEVC (H.265), H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC), 4K, HD and SD
  • Scenario-specific form factors and density: 1RU/4RU/10RU
  • Built-in AES-256/128-bit encryption for video, audio and metadata
  • IPTV providers can serve up to 208 IPTV channels from the MGW 5100 (10-RU), up to 96 IPTV channels from the MGW 1100 (4-RU) and up to 16 IPTV channels from the MGW 1100 (1-RU).


MGES 7000

Market Leading High Density 4K/UHD/HD HEVC & H.264 IPTV Encoding Blade

Product Details Datasheet

MGES 6000

Broadcast-quality HD/SD H.264 Quad-Input IPTV Encoder

Product Details Datasheet


IPTV Blade System


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