VITEC Green Initiative

Carbon-neutral video solutions reduces the environmental impact of enterprise video resources and contributes to achieving climate change objectives.

Taking Action

Carbon-Neutral MPEG Products

VITEC is taking action to improve technology resource consumption, changing the trajectory of its environmental footprint, to have a broader impact on employees, suppliers, and customers. Creating efficient, environmentally sustainable operations is critical, from photovoltaic panels to modification of entire product design processes made to minimise environmental impact and optimise the energy consumption of all our solutions.

In addition to being environmentally conscious, these initiatives provide economic benefits for VITEC and its partners.

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Commitment for Emission Reduction

The sooner we reach a level of being carbon-balanced, the sooner we will see the benefit across our business and partners.

Climate change is a global problem. Our commitment for emission reduction is to be carbon-balanced.

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Thoughtful Design

VITEC’s GreenPEG ™ initiative for carbon balanced video products

Recently, VITEC launched the GreenPEG initiative to further optimize MPEG technology by addressing —and minimising— the size, weight, and power of devices that contribute to energy consumption. Residual emissions are fully offset by the investment in approved and audited carbon reduction projects.

GreenPEG products are carbon neutral and thoughtfully designed to be easily disassembled and recycled to reduce the environmental impact.

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