Live IPTV distribution streaming
from HDMI sources

VITEC 38-series encoders deliver live and pre-recorded video and audio streams directly onto an IP network, creating channels from the output of a wide range of source, including cameras, digital signage systems and computers.

Features & Benefits

  • Deliver high-quality video and audio streams over IP networks 
  • Easily contribute NDI content, sharing production-quality video between live production environments and VITEC IP video solutions 
  • Minimise glass-to-glass latency with full multicast delivery when streaming live video 
  • Send secure and reliable video streams over the Internet using the SRT protocol 
  • Blade-into-chassis design provides a highly reliable modular solution with "hot swapping" ability to minimise downtime 

Find the AvediaStream Encoder(s) for your needs
from the table below or contact your system integrator for advice

   e3830-std / e3832-std e3830-pro / e3832-pro 
InputSourceInputs1 / 2 1 / 2 
Stereo AAC 
Content Protection  AES
Video Scaler  
Test patterns  
UDP Multicast  
StreamingNDI (licence)
SRT (licence)

Chassis options

VITEC 38-series Encoder blades are installed in one of three Avedia Chassis, which are designed for a wide range of organisational needs and budgets.

All AvediaStream Chassis are ‘hot swap’ enabled. This enables movement and replacement of blades without the need to power down the entire unit, saving time and avoiding disruption to other IPTV services operating simultaneously in the same chassis.

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