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Immaculate Video Quality and Ultra-low Latency with VITEC Multi-Site Video Streaming Solution

VITEC provides a Multi-Site Streaming Solution for a balanced combination of high quality and low latency that is ideal for both point-to-point streaming and two-way, interactive streaming.

VITEC’s Multi-site video streaming solution provides a way to economically deliver a reliable HD quality video signal that engages the remote audience as if they were at the main campus while also offering a scalable platform that can grow as the following grows. This is an ideal solution to interconnect campuses because of the high quality yet cost-effective live broadcast video service.

The combined VITEC / Zixi™ scalable streaming solutions provide enhanced video delivery to truly engage your followers. Developed to meet the demands of large-scale venues, VITEC / Zixi™ live streaming solutions offer high quality, low latency HD video streaming for your point-to-point, bi-directional and multi-site events.

  • Low latency streams are ideal for exceptional live events
  • Zero error delivery over unmanaged networks
  • Multi-site streaming over any network with stream recording for time shift play out applications

VITEC IP Solution Brings Worshippers Together at The Bridge Christian Church

VITEC's solution allows The Bridge to use high-end technology over the public internet, which is a huge cost savings versus satellite, bringing remote locations closer together.

House of Worship

Enhance sermons, engage people and keep your audience enthralled with high quality multi-site HD offering an intuitive, powerful viewing experience in a multitude of formats to various video devices with an effective and reliable solution. See VITEC Solution Guide.

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VITEC's Multi-Site Video Streaming Products

Delivery, Recording and Management of Live and On-demand Video over IP Networks


Professional Series of Portable HEVC (H.265) IPTV Streaming Encoders


Professional Series of Portable HEVC (H.265) IPTV Streaming Decoders