Multi-Site Video Streaming

Reliably stream high-quality video to one or many sites across any network with confidence.

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VITEC Highlights

  • Low latency capability is ideal for streaming live events
  • Hardware is enabled with error-correction for delivery across unmanaged networks
  • Time-Synchronized Playback to coordinate multiple independent IP streams in sync

Multi-Site Contribution Backhaul

Event Contribution & Backhaul provides the ability to control and monitor route streams and channels.

Solution Highlights

  • Capture and transmit live feeds from the event back at the broadcast facility for production
  • Reduce infrastructure cost on site (no TV truck needed) CAPEX
  • Reduce operating cost on site (extra production team no more needed) OPEX

Application Benefits

  • Video Quality (422, 10 bit) and latency
  • Time Synched playback
  • Stream Management
  • Stream protection

Use Cases for Multi-Site Video Streaming

Multi-site streaming solution to cost-effectively provide live, broadcast-quality video

VITEC provides a Multi-Site Streaming Solution for a balanced combination of high quality and low latency that is ideal for both point-to-point streaming and two-way, interactive streaming.

VITEC’s Multi-Site video streaming solution delivers an economical and reliable HD quality video signal that engages remote audiences as if they were live at the event, while also offering a scalable platform that can be expanded to include more venues. It is an ideal solution to interconnect multiple locations because of the high quality yet cost-effective live broadcast video service.

VITEC’s advanced codec can be combined with stream transport technologies like Zixi, SRT or Pro-MPEG to provide enhanced video delivery across any network. Developed to meet the demands of large-scale venues, VITEC live streaming solutions offer high quality, low latency HD video streaming for your point-to-point, bi-directional and multi-site events.

VITEC's Multi-Site Video Streaming Products

Playout Server

Contribution & Distribution Server allows organizations to deliver content anywhere, anytime

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MGW Ace Encoder

MGW Ace is the World's first Portable HEVC (H.265) Hardware Encoder

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MGW Ace Decoder

MGW Ace Decoder is a professional grade, high performance IP decoding appliance

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