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VITEC’s In-House IPTV Distribution Makes Migrating from Legacy RF Cable to IPTV Easy

VITEC provides an end to end solution for streaming IPTV content over LAN and WAN networks. VITEC’s IPTV System architecture is flexible, doesn’t require any seat licenses, providing the scalability needed for supporting any size of deployment and future expansions.

VITEC EZ TV solution and the wide range of IPTV encoders enable enterprise and government facilities to easily transition from legacy basic cable-based TV systems to cutting-edge, cost-effective IPTV Solution using the existing network infra-structure. High reliability head-end gear acquires any type of TV source and delivers broadcast-quality, secure video streams to TV’s, personal computers, laptops and smart devices. 

With more than 450,000 IPTV clients deployed – VITEC’s award winning EZ TV IPTV System is the ideal solution for a smooth migration from hard-wired RF and QAM TV systems. Join the IPTV revolution with VITEC –schedule a live demo of our solution on your network!

  • Scalable architecture with HEVC and 4K Support
  • System offers user tracking, remote management and analytics
  • IT / Video admins can control features at the push of a button
  • Live and on-demand video can easily be shared with remote sites and people on the go

EZ TV IPTV Streaming Platform for US Air Force Academy's CCLD

VITEC's comprehensive solution for high-quality delivery, recording, and management of live and on-demand video over IP networks securely offers advanced viewing options, collaboration, and distribution tools.

Corporate & Enterprise

VITEC provides and end-to-end IPTV solution for live TV and locally generated content to PC’s, TV’s and mobile devices, delivering easy-to-use technologies with high-quality low latency HD video. See VITEC Solution Guide.

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VITEC's In-House IPTV Distribution System Products

Delivery, Recording and Management of Live and On-demand Video over IP Networks



Carrier-grade platforms that compress, transcode and stream video at broadcast quality


Monitor, Log and Analyze IPTV Streams for Quality and Compliance

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