Transforming the Cruise Guest Experience

Next-gen On-board Entertainment and Information Systems

In the highly competitive cruise industry, differentiation is key to creating unique experiences that encourage repeat business. In addition to offering a combination of luxurious accommodation, engaging on-board entertainment and multiple exciting destinations and activities, cruise operators must now provide cutting-edge on-board technology that exceeds guest expectations and permeates every aspect of the cruise experience.

VITEC is a specialist provider of integrated hospitality technology solutions that enhance the cruise guest experience. We partner with world-class global hospitality technology brands and local experts to deliver innovative, integrated guest entertainment and information solutions.

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A Memorable Experience for Your Guests

Branded, Interactive IPTV Portals

Deliver a memorable experience for your guests with the very latest in on-board entertainment and information services.

Excite repeat guests, attract new ones and create memorable experiences by delivering an interactive TV and video experience on any device.

Entertain with an interactive in-cabin experience

Create branded, interactive IPTV portals that enable guests to access a wide range of TV and VOD as well as on-board services and ship and destination information, providing extensive revenue-generation opportunities. Property Management System integration enables guests to order cabin service and book shore excursions through their in-cabin TV.

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Integrate with Safety Protocols

including Public Address & General Alarm Systems (PAGA) systems

Stand out from the Competition

by delivering the ultimate holiday experience.

Increase Operational Efficencies

by easily creating, managing and deploying engaging content.

Drive Additional Revenue

by promoting your facilities, excursions and much more.

Enable Guests to Watch Movies Poolside and Access Daily Events

Travel Entertainment

Enable your guests to keep up with their favourite TV shows while they travel the world.

Guests can watch movies sitting by the pool on their own device, look at the daily event schedule and restaurant menus on screens throughout the ship and even book spa and show tickets through the comfort of their in-cabin TV, creating the ultimate holiday experience.

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Display Constantly Updating Information Throughout the Ship

Digital Engagement

Engage guests with dynamic Digital Signage

Easily update and manage screen content on-the-go and display constantly updating information, such as destination details, excursions, itineraries, restaurant menus and more throughout the ship.

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Manage Your IP Video System and Update Key Endpoints from a Central Location

Central Updates

Manage your complete solution from a central location

Manage your IP video system and quickly update key VITEC endpoints, as well as non-VITEC devices such as SmartTVs, by simply dragging portals or signage campaigns onto the device or group of devices of your choice. Tailor the branding, language and look and feel with a fully customisable user interface.

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