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Inform and Entertain Your Patients in their Care

High-end Patient TV System

VITEC enables healthcare providers to communicate, inform and entertain patients in their care.

  • Provide services such as live TV, Netflix, food ordering, hospital information and more with our high-end patient TV system.
  • Provide video-based staff training along with the ability to integrate advanced digital signage messaging throughout the facility
  • All services managed through a single platform.

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Engage with Patients and Visitors

Providing Customisable Solutions

Whether in wards, private rooms, common areas or waiting rooms, you can engage with patients and visitors and make them feel welcome.

Digital signage can provide wayfinding and targeted information around the building, while bespoke portals deliver a great TV and video entertainment system.

VITEC aims to satisfy both patient and staff needs by providing customisable solutions that can be tailored to the right audience and deliver entertainment, training or medical information.

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VITEC systems enable
healthcare providers to

Make your patients’ stay more enjoyable

Deliver live TV and Video on Demand to the patient’s bedside, wards and public areas over an existing IP network

Share relevant information with ease

Give patients interactive access to facility and hospital information and services.

Effectively train medical staff

Provide staff with access to training and development from a central source, accessible from any device.

Key Healthcare Facility and Patient features

Creating a Positive Experience

  • Access to free and premium TV channels, including catchup, Video on Demand and streaming services
  • Patient viewing for TV and their own content on the bedside TV using SmartTV apps, Chromecast or screen sharing
  • Access to hospital information pages as well as meal ordering and more via the TV and message overlays 
  • View hospital information such as wayfinding, patient information and educational videos about procedures
  • Emergency triggers to control displays and automated facility messaging keep patients and staff safe
  • Improve patient well-being, creating a positive away from home experience

Key Hospital Features & Benefits

Stand Out From The Rest

  • Integrate with SmartTVs and Nurse Call for TV Control and other building management such as Fire Alarm/lockdown systems
  • Integrate with HL7-based Hospital Information Systems to display personalised patient information such as patient number and their attending physician’s name
  • Communicate relevant information such as navigation or emergency messaging across all hospital screens (digital signage, waiting areas and patient bedsides)
  • Control your entire system from one central location, simplifying administration and communications, enabling staff to concentrate on patients
  • Train staff and improve productivity with videos available on hospital PCs and TVs
  • Increase revenue by promoting additional services, on campus facilities and local businesses
  • Make your hospital stand out from the rest using your existing IP or RF system
  • Assist patients with different visual interfaces based on their needs
  • Display important safety information such as reminding people to wash their hands before entering the building or a room

Advantages of VITEC IP video solutions

Highly Reliable and Feature Rich

One central place to manage your solution
Control the entire VITEC IP video and signage system from anywhere on the network using the Smart Control application, or manage multiple sites from a central location or headquarters.

Adaptable solutions
Flexible and scalable to fit any size of installation and any number of fixed and mobile devices. VITEC end-to-end solutions are highly reliable, ensuring a plug-and-play robustness that is second to none.

Feature-rich, fully configurable solutions
Simply create, manage and publish tailored signage screens and portals with our intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces and easily manage access permissions for multiple users.

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