VITEC, a market-leading provider of IPTV, video streaming and digital signage solutions, is launching SignSync™, a patented module to address synchronization challenges faced when playing content across multiple end-points. As part of the EZ TV Platform, SignSync™ is a patented VITEC solution to utilize existing end-points without the need for additional hardware. It moves the sync process from the headend to the edge devices, allowing for a greater number of end-points to be synchronized at scale, by utilizing technologies already in place. SignSync™ will launch at NAB 2024, (13-17 April, Las Vegas Convention Center) on VITEC booth SL2064.

SignSync™ has been developed to address a specific challenge in the market, using existing technologies, but without the need for additional hardware.
Ryan Nowak, Head of Product Management – Platforms

"With SignSync™, teams can avoid costly synchronization issues and be confident that content is being delivered as intended. The previous solution to synchronous signage playback had been to upstream content, but this limits flexibility and increases costs, as each stream required a physical end-point and encoder at the headend. As SignSync™ moves the content sync capability from the headend to the edge, it allows for a greater number of signs to be synchronised across any number of end-points."

SignSync™ also benefits from other features included with the EZ TV Platform, such as the ability for content to be updated on-the-fly. The end-points have a built-in mechanism to continue playing stored content, even if connection to the management server is lost, the end-point will continue to operate. SignSync™ also includes support for mixing images and videos into a single playlist, as well as added protection against failure, with a built-in failover mechanism.

Also showing at NAB is the VITEC MGW Diamond-H, a portable 4K HDMI Encoder with the ability to encode up to 4 channels from two HDMI inputs. the MGW Diamond-H empowers users to capture and stream content with unparalleled quality and minimal latency, with Power over Ethernet functionality.

VITEC’s EP6 endpoint for IPTV applications will also be demonstrated at NAB 2024, providing the highest quality delivery of video and digital signage across the network. The EP6 is a multi-video advanced decoder – with a fanless design – that can output 2x 4K or quad-HD video streams, along with the ability to render stunning 4K graphics up to 2160p60. Additionally, EP6 has PoE+ functionality, simplifying deployment across any network.

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VITEC is a leading, worldwide end-to-end video streaming solutions provider for broadcast, military and government, corporate, sports and entertainment venues. Combining broadcasting with live streaming capabilities, VITEC’s H.265 (HEVC) and H.264 offering is the most extensive in the market with encoding and decoding appliances, IPTV solutions for desktops and mobile devices, and PCI cards with SDK for integration projects. VITEC's intuitive digital video solutions can be tailored to each customer's unique market needs, delivering easy-to-use technology that ensures high-quality, low-latency HD video, capturing live and recorded events for seamless distribution in a multitude of formats anytime, anywhere, to any device.

Since 1988, VITEC has been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of hardware and software for video encoding, decoding, transcoding, recording, conversion, archiving, and streaming over IP. In keeping with the company’s tradition of innovation, VITEC is the first company to bring bandwidth-efficient HEVC compression technology into the field with portable streaming appliances.