VITEC is a market-leading provider of IPTV, digital signage and video streaming technologies that help organisations across multiple sectors to harness the power of video to engage, empower and evolve.


Enterprise, Healthcare, Finance & Education

Deliver timely, impactful communications that engage and inform in business enterprise, finance and education.

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Broadcast & Media

Stream live broadcast quality content to any device, anywhere with continuous, error-free coverage.

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Government & Federal Agencies

Keep staff informed and support critical missions from ground to space with VITEC’s secure IPTV and digital signage solutions.

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ISR & Communication

Securely ingest motion imagery for exploitation, dissemination and display of critical information around military bases and live environments.

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Hotels, Cruise & Healthcare

Create unique viewing experiences by harnessing the power of TV, video and digital signage to engage with your audience.

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Stadiums, Arenas & Casinos

Distribute high-quality live TV, video, advertising, alerts and more to any screen around your venue.

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