The Avedia headend system supports RF gateways and encoders in a range of three chassis options

Avedia chassis offer "hot swap" capability. This enables movement and replacement of encoder and RF gateway blades without the need to power down the entire unit, saving time and avoiding disruption to other IPTV services operating simultaneously in the same chassis.

Features & Benefits

  • Hot swap support maximises uptime
  • Highly reliable system, minimising downtime with dual power supplies and Ethernet interfaces
  • Easy on-site replacement of components
  • Future-proof IPTV: easily add blades to support new TV and video sources as your organisational requirements grow
Number of blades1310
19" rack mountable (size) ✔ (1U)✔ (4U)
Hot swap blades
Dual Ethernet port per blade  
Hot swap fans  
Hot swap PSUs  
Redundant PSUs  



45-series RF Gateways

Stream hundreds of live TV
and radio channels



Product Details

38-series Encoders

Stream high-quality, live and pre-recorded content



Product Details

37-series Encoders

3G-SDI Encoder which delivers HD or SD H.264 streams from SDI video inputs



e3750 Datasheet e3752 Datasheet

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