VITEC Strengthens Position of IPTV Blade Platform as Most Dense Streaming System with 8 Stereo Tracks per Video Stream

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With unprecedented capacity of eight H.264 Full HD 1080p video streams per blade, VITEC’s IPTV blades are the world-leader in density, delivering 104 HD streams from the MGW-5100 platform (10-RU), 48 HD streams from the MGW-1100 (4-RU) and 8 HD video streams from the compact MGW-1000 (1-RU).

The latest audio processing enhancement now offers real-time encoding of up to 8 unique stereo audio tracks into a single H.264 HD/SD IP stream.

Sunnyvale, California, December  18, 2012 - VITEC, a worldwide leader in advanced digital video solutions, announced a major feature enhancement on the carrier-grade IPTV Blade Platforms to support unmatched audio encoding processing of eight stereo pairs in a single video stream using its broadcast quality H.264 HD/SD video compression engine. The multi-audio enhancement includes advanced, hardware-based, SDI audio shifting and mixing capabilities enabling operators to optimize audio services with maximum flexibility. VITEC also offers the unique capability of 8 audio tracks in its over-the-top (OTT) IP Transcoding blade, the MGTS-Prism, empowering internet video service providers to stream audio-rich content to tablets and smart phones.

Optibase MGW Blade Systems, the first blade solution introduced in the Enterprise IPTV Market, continuously sets the standard for density, video quality and reliability among broadcast centers, military units, government facilities and corporate offices. The MGW Blade Platform sets itself apart from other blade solutions due to its smart centralized controller blade that manages all system blades and automates fail-over between blades to achieve “Five Nines” high availability for IPTV services while consolidating all management and video streaming traffic to one blade for maximum efficiency.
“The Optibase MGW Blade Systems is the gold standard for carrier-grade architecture and video quality. As content providers and internet video services break boundaries and increasingly expand global offerings, demand for higher density and efficient ways to deploy IPTV systems gains more complexity” said Eli Garten, Vice President of Product Management at VITEC. “The new multi-audio enhancement complements our best-in-class video encoding density. This unique advantage helps our Tier-1 and Tier-2 customers as well as multi-national corporations to deploy IPTV services, which serve multiple markets and viewers with less equipment and reduced CAPEX”.

VITEC is a worldwide leading provider of powerful digital video products that support end-to-end media solutions for Broadcast, Corporate, Education, Government, Industrial, Medical, Military, and Telco customers. By integrating world famous brands including Optibase, Focus, Proxsys, Monisys, Stradis, Extensor, and Sylon, VITEC now controls the complete video chain with professional-grade products for acquisition, encoding, processing, management, and delivery. All trademarks appearing herein are the property of their respective owners. © 2012 VITEC