September 15, 2023

Scalability, reliability and flexibility are must haves in a solution designed for organizations that want to install video displays to enhance employee, visitor or guest experience. Any platform offering users a feature-rich, fully configurable digital signage application that can work alone or as an addition to a full IPTV system, all managed from one central location, should offer these key components.

What key elements should you be looking for in IPTV and Digital Signage?

Scalability – Easily deploy content with forward thinking engineering that provides built-in sustainability components for energy efficient cost savings.

Flexibility – Allow customers to manage IPTV configurations from an intuitive central system with a modular design that delivers a variety of options.

Reliability – Leverage IT networks without overtaxing resources in a very secure environment.

Create, manage and display impactful digital signage with all-in-one solutions for secure, scalable and flexible video distribution and dynamic digital signage using an existing IP network. VITEC offers live streaming, on-demand video, digital recording, multi-view player, time-shifted TV, a customizable look-and-feel, and much more.

Grow your business success with higher return on investment

Digital signage offers a higher ROI and a higher conversion rate than traditional marketing because it can be targeted to an audience. Digital signage can boost engagement when combined with loyalty programs, content management systems, geolocation, and other digital assets.

In office and businesses, it helps teams work more efficiently by providing real-time information about production schedules, job orders, and inventory levels on a single display.

Why VITEC offers the best solutions on the market today

Powerful, hardware-based end-points deliver eye catching digital content with dynamic data and up to 4K video to any number of screens – all managed from a central all-in-one platform which can be installed on-premise or hosted as a cloud instance.

VITEC’s Digital Signage capabilities enable enterprises across many verticals to use displays to enhance employee, visitor or fan experiences. Learn more about the IPTV Platform; from interactive tv portals, digital signage, and visual experience design services to video wall processors and end points. Check out the fully customizable platform options offered such as browser players, media library, apps and more.

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