January 31, 2024

Maintaining Actionability and Efficacy in Dynamic Military Environments – Successful Deployment of ISR Video

Dynamic military environments require real-time full-motion video intelligence to be responsive and actionable.

This is where Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) video offers  a means of securing and maintaining strategic and tactical advantages.

VITEC has worked within the Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) sector for more than 20 years, with a product lineup designed to withstand the critical nature of military and government operations.

What is Change-Bit-Rate-on-the-Fly technology and why is it important for ISR?

Bitrates are measured by the size of a video frame and how many are taken per second. When video quality is higher, more images are required to process for each second of video, requiring higher bitrates.

Change-Bit-Rate-on-the-Fly technology becomes more important for ISR as a feature that allows one to affect the quality of image in tactical field intelligence. This means that information isn’t received late due to frames dropping due to network latency or inability to identify images due to pixels, which could be the difference between life and death.

These features show how technological progress has allowed more sensors with greater capacity to be implemented on ISR platforms. From drones to helicopters, ISR innovations have meant that cameras can capture video in detail with sensors that can detect temperature changes in the environment. ISR platforms have more information to be shared than at any point in history.

How commercial streaming is improving share data across devices

Commercial streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime have used video standards to compress data into formats for live streaming or to be packaged for efficient data downloads. Reducing bandwidth while keeping the clarity and picture quality required is crucial from businesses and economic standpoints.

Within the military theatre of operations, sharing ISR video intelligence across many devices is crucial. Keeping ISR infrastructures agnostic to the networking and endpoint environment is enabled through compression standards.

The market applications of ISR video

Battle-proven Situational Awareness & ISR Solution

• Allows military and government personnel to disseminate live feeds and recorded videos easily.
• Cutting Edge FMV Situational Awareness and ISR Systems for Field Applications and UAS.
• High-quality delivery, recording, and management of live and on-demand video over IP networks.
• Integrated solution for viewing, recording, and managing Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance content and KLV metadata.

ISR Encode/Decode Solution for Vehicular and Terrestrial

• Tactical HEVC video feed transmission over low-bandwidth IP links.
• Simultaneous H.264 feed for ground transmission or local data collection.

ISR Encode/Decode Solution for Manned Aircraft

• Tactical HEVC video feed transmission over low-bandwidth IP downlinks.
• Simultaneous H.264 feed distribution for video analysis within the aircraft.
• KLV capture and transmission.

As a global technology leader in the IP video space, VITEC’s technologies are agnostic and incredibly efficient for uncompressing, replaying, and recording video intelligence on any endpoint. This can be used by coalition partners throughout the varying wireless networks involved in the field, regardless of any differing data rates.

Plus, VITEC’s technologies share high-definition video in real-time, no matter the networks involved, and transmit twice as much video with the same bandwidth compared to other available tech on the market.

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