November 22, 2023

In a stadium or sports facility, having low latency and high quality in IPTV and digital signage systems is critical. IPTV delivers TV programming and video content over an IP network. It allows users to access a variety of channels and on-demand content through an internet connection. Digital signage conveys important information, advertisements, or messages to a targeted audience via displays in stadiums and sports facilities, providing real-time information, promotional content, or even interactive experiences for fans.

Kansas City Royals
Video Wall

It has definitely increased traffic in the bar. People can see it as they walk by, so it helps us from a food and beverage consumption standpoint. The other thing is it just makes that bar space more engaging.

— Brian Himstedt,
Vice President of Technology
andBusiness Analytics, KCR

Real-time information

Sports fans rely on up-to-date information such as live scores, player statistics, and instant replays. Low latency ensures that this information is delivered quickly and accurately, enhancing the overall fan experience.

Engaging content

High-quality video and graphics can captivate the attention of fans and enhance their engagement with the game or event. Whether it’s displaying close-ups of players, showcasing highlights, or airing interactive promotions, having high-quality visuals is essential.

Advertisements and revenue generation

Sports facilities often use digital signage as an advertising platform to generate revenue. Low latency ensures that advertisements are displayed promptly, maximizing their impact and providing a seamless viewing experience for fans.

Fan satisfaction

In today’s digital age, fans have come to expect high-quality, immersive experiences. Low-latency IPTV and digital signage systems help deliver a seamless experience that keeps fans engaged and satisfied with their overall visit to the stadium or sports facility.

Low latency and high quality are critical in IPTV and digital signage systems within a stadium or sports facility because they enhance real-time information delivery, engage fans, generate revenue, and contribute to overall fan satisfaction.

Revolutionizing Stadium Experiences: Kansas City Royals and Oakland Arena Embrace Cutting-Edge IPTV and Digital Signage Solutions

The installation process was a very smooth transition with VITEC. They were physically on-site, and they took the reins and worked with us on our system to help us get it implemented, troubleshooting issues and not leaving until it was up and running. It was methodically planned, and the execution was perfect. Once we had the VITEC system running and tested in certain areas, I couldn’t wait to install it everywhere to retire the old system fully..

— Colby Tucker, Sr.,
Director of Operations
Oakland Arena

If we’d just bought a digital signage-only feature, that wouldn’t be a reliable plan moving forward. Having a service that can do both IPTV and signage is huge for us.

— Colby Tucker, Sr.,
Director of Operations
Oakland Arena

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