June 29, 2021

VITEC’s live, low latency solution for Broadcasters was deployed during the isolation of COVID-safe security measures, delivering excellent results for Eurosport during the lockdown across Europe. It has been used at major events, including the world’s premier cycling race, the Tour de France, the French and US Open tennis tournaments, and is now used in their day-to-day operations.

urosport_comentatorThe solution is planned to be extensively used for the upcoming Olympic Games in Japan this summer.

Anthony Sachot, Director of Local Markets Engineering at Eurosport comments: “VITEC delivers a reliable, low latency and efficient remote commentary solution that perfectly meets our expectations.”

VITEC has developed several IP streaming end-to-end contribution solutions for broadcasters. With the growing demand for live contribution feeds, the request from broadcasters to reduce operational costs (especially satellite links) and the rise of the internet, VITEC started focusing on reliably delivering high-quality video content to meet these demands. As Richard Bernard notes: “Our HEVC Gen2+ codec was crucial to deliver high-quality content at bitrates down to 4-5Mbit/s, the ideal number to reliably transport video over the internet. Thanks to our codecs, remote production over the internet is no longer a dream for broadcasters”.

Eurosport runners

“VITEC’s video low latency contribution solution combined with Eurosport’s well-established production capabilities ensured seamless live remote commentary, despite logistical challenges of commentators and production teams being in numerous, separate locations around the world.”

Remote commentary is used to deliver live sports content to different countries using remote production technology. As part of its remote production capabilities, the VITEC solution, thanks to its ultra-low latency performance, is perfectly suited to remote commentary. The concept ensures commentators can provide live commentary while being based at home, not at the event.

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last edited on: Tuesday, July 6, 2021