February 28, 2022

Many businesses were forced to change the way they work once the pandemic struck, with working from home being the only option for non-essential workers. However, this enabled digital transformations to accelerate.

But the digital world can be difficult for some businesses to grasp, despite it being essential to incorporate digital tools into the workplace in order to remain competitive.

Vitec is aware that it can be a challenge to move with the many advancements in the digital industry. Here, we use our expertise to demonstrate why a digital workplace strategy is vital for companies and the advantages you can experience by doing so.

Train your employees on new technologies

Digital additions can provide a range of solutions for your business, so you can be certain that there are several ways they can fit within the workplace. One benefit is that it can make your employees’ working processes quicker, whether it be through upgrading devices or even the installation of software. With technology constantly evolving, workers must often adapt to new tools. It can be tricky for employees to familiarise themselves with new concepts that they haven’t used previously.

As a business leader, it’s essential to ensure that your employees undergo frequent training. Not only will it make the transition easier for them, but also tasks that require new technology will be completed at a quicker pace and to a higher standard. Digital signage can be used to great effect in staff training, as it can provide valuable information as well as offering a sense of belonging too.

Research technology trends and advancements

Adapting to change was necessary for many companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, with digital additions being a necessity rather than a bonus. But the demand remains, with the digital transformation market predicted to reach $490 billion in 2025 compared to $300 billion this year.

Thus, allowing time to research trends and technological advancements is a crucial step for business leaders to make. It is key for identifying the array of opportunities the implementation of technology can bring to your company. Conducting research will allow you to gain insight into the advantages of various digital tools and assess which will be the right fit for you. And with many businesses also looking to improve digital experiences, staying up to date with trends and new tools helps you stay competitive.

Don’t neglect remote workers

Although remote work was the only option for non-essential works during the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has stayed, with one in five people in the UK currently working remotely. This has been feasible due to technology being the saviour during lockdown, with remote work being incorporated into traditional working life and businesses finding a balance between the two.

Business leaders have the ability to branch out and hire non-locals. This way, the number of remote employees in a business can be as many as the number of employees working in the office.

It’s vital to regularly check in with these employees and ensure that their digital tools are up to scratch, as this is much more crucial to them than it is for employees working in the office. Ensuring that software and devices are up to date is a necessity so that they can continue to complete their work to a high standard. Planning regular video calls reassures them that they are appreciated in the company and offers an opportunity to keep them connected. Consider tools that will benefit employees who are perhaps in different time zones and sometimes can’t attend meetings – enterprise video streaming is a helpful addition that allows them to catch up on any important information by video recordings that are available to view at their convenience.

Personalise your tools

It’s important to gain an understanding of the various technologies that you could incorporate into your company as the benefits of digital additions are endless, meaning that it isn’t one size fits all.

Personalising your digital implementations for different employees in your company is crucial because the advantages they can offer one role may not be helpful in another. Or if it’s something broad, such as artificial intelligence, it may be able to help many people within the workplace. But offering personalisation ensures that the digital implementations are improving your employees’ digital experience, as well as making your investments worth the time and money.

Track the progress of your digital transformations

While your latest digital addition could be a great fit for your business, it’s vital to measure how it is contributing to the success by monitoring its progress.

There are numerous ways you can monitor progress, including data comparisons of your original process with the updated process, as well as receiving feedback from your employees and customers.

By gathering results frequently, you can measure the success of the digital experiences within your business and gain an insight into whether you need any extra technological tools or upgrades. Additionally, businesses that track their goals are twice as likely to hit all their goals within a year – so it’s a crucial step to improve digital experiences. 

Technology has played an important role in our lives. In the past few years, it has become an essential element to business leaders by providing the opportunity for adaptability in the workplace and to become more fast-paced. But it’s critical to understand the advantages that are available to employees and customers as a result of incorporating various technologies. We provide solutions like IPTV distribution to assist remote workers with their daily tasks as it allows them to access live and on-demand IPTV content. But without keeping up to date on the digital experiences in the business, you could be limiting the success of these additions. Staying competitive is vital in the business world, so you must understand how you can keep improving.

last edited on: Thursday, June 2, 2022