July 14, 2021

As more of our operations become digitised, our critical business data becomes more accessible and reliable. The digitisation of processes also gives us the chance to view and act on real-time data and increase its visibility across the business.

Sometimes, visibility means making it available via dashboards or visualisations in your CRM system. But what about the very literal definition of visibility in your workplace? In this article, we explore how the visibility of your business data can improve your company and employees’ performance in multiple sectors.

Drive accountability and a culture of high performance in the office

In office environments, real-time visibility of your business performance can help foster accountability. When individual and business goals are shared with someone an employee feels is higher up in the business than them, it fosters better commitment to those goals and, as a result, better performance.

Visibility of performance across the entire business can help employees understand how they are contributing to wider business goals. If this information is observable and easily accessible, this can motivate them to improve their performance and be accountable both for their successes and areas in which they can improve.

Using digital signage screens to display real-time sales information allows your employees to see how they and the business are performing at any given time. Upticks in sales or customer satisfaction scores can give them a boost in the office environment.

Sales is well-known for being competitive, so displaying real-time sales data around your business is a no-brainer. But it’s not the only performance metric that you can display. For businesses that provide services like IT or technical support, displaying key metrics in the office, including how many support tickets are open, how many are past their due date, and how many have been closed within your KPI target, can keep your employees focused on delivering against those KPIs.

Display customer feedback to improve brand perception in hospitality

Many hospitality venues, including pubs, bars, cruise ships, and hotels, already utilise signage and guest experience technologies. You might provide in-room TV streaming or promote your hotel services on screens throughout reception, but what about displaying your customer satisfaction scores?

Nowadays, guests rely heavily on reviews from sites including Tripadvisor and Trivago to decide whether or not to visit a hospitality venue. If your feedback and customer satisfaction scores are high, why not display them? They’ll remind your guests of how highly rated your venue is during their time there and make sure they won’t forget it! What’s more, this might even encourage them to leave a great review of their own, further improving your business performance.

Improve personal trainer appointments in the gym

Chances are, you’ll already have signage up in your gym displaying information about COVID protocols, gym etiquette, and class times. But many gyms are using this to improve their sales by advertising the services of the personal trainers operating in their spaces. gym photo

By providing information on instructors’ prices, customer satisfaction, and their results, you can encourage upsells amongst your customer base and improve their revenue, and in turn, your sales performance. The great thing about digital screens is that they lend themselves well to images instead of heaps of text, so you can display your trainers’ clients’ transformations. You could even utilise video case studies to really sell these services. Your regular gym-goers need something to capture their attention while they’re warming down after all.

Support your students and improve grades

academic school open day While many of these tips focus on the end goal of improving customer experiences or sales, educational establishments can also take advantage of displaying information to improve performance.
Results are critical to educational institutions right through from primary and secondary schools to colleges and universities. In particular, private schools and universities attract paying customers based on their credentials, which are reflected in students’ results.

You can not only advertise your leading results and Ofsted ratings on open days and parents evenings, but you can also use the visibility offered by these screens to actively improve your scores. Research has shown that after-school activities improve disadvantaged children’s academic performance, so why not advertise your extra-curricular clubs to your pupils?

There are a number of ways businesses across all sectors can improve their performance – whether that’s sales, customer service performances, or educational institutions’ vital academic results. Visibility around the workplace, including your customer-facing areas, can improve employees performance and give you vital upsell and reputation-boosting opportunities.


last edited on: Tuesday, July 13, 2021