July 22, 2021

We’ve all experienced a year and a half of enforced working from home and with the government restrictions easing for what is hopefully the last time, employers and employees across the world are thinking about returning to the office. No matter if someone works full-time or part-time in the office, businesses need to engage with their employees wherever they are physically located in a building. If someone is visiting the office every day to work or occasionally popping into the office for meetings and brainstorming sessions, it’s imperative that feel like they are part of the organisation. It is the responsibility of enterprises to seek the best solution that enables them to engage with employees effectively.

Now, you may be wondering, what exactly is employee engagement? How can I engage my employees?

According to the CIPD there is no definition of employee engagement. However, it can be understood that the happier and more connected an employee feels to an organisation, the more engaged they are. The more engaged and committed an employee is, the more productive they are and likely to produce the highest quality of work which will drive revenue and corporate growth. That is going to benefit everyone.

So how can you best engage your employees? With digital signage technologies, corporates can build effective employee engagement. By combining graphics, texts and other engaging visual elements including attention-grabbing video, digital signage provides a powerful medium that can reach employees in the most compelling way.

Combining live TV with digital signage to share the latest company news, announcements, KPIs and upcoming product launches and events, creates a greater sense of harmony and community in the workplace. With the strategic placement of digital signage screens around the office, communications can reach the right people at the right time.

Let’s look at an example of how a future employee might experience a visit to your office.

A digital signage screen is placed in the reception area of the building you’ve walked into, welcoming you and reinforcing the company’s brand and vision. Transforming your reception into a welcoming space with digital signage offers a positive first impression and enhances the visitor experience.

digital signage meeting room You have an interview and need to go to the sixth floor. The digital signage screen behind reception shows a wayfinding map of the building layout so you can visually locate the HR department on the sixth floor.

Digital signage is displayed across many devices around the building, displaying everything from menu board information in the cafeteria, celebrating a team members work anniversary in the breakout areas and promoting the financial results from the last AGM. Using digital signage to promote and recognise employee contributions and achievements improves employee morale and enables them to keep up to date with the latest company news. meeting room digital signage

The meeting room has a screen outside showing meeting room availability so you can see your interview is next. You follow the wayfinding that directs you to the nearest elevator to exit the building and make your way home, leaving with a good feeling about how clearly the company communicated with visitors and employees and a positive impression of a great place to work.

For corporates offices it is vital that you engage employees and visitors, grabbing their attention with instant and bright graphics and company announcements from the second they walk through the door, to create a lasting positive impression of your organisation when they leave.

Introducing digital signage technologies can provide an easy-to-use and cost effective solution for any corporate to increase employee engagement.

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last edited on: Wednesday, July 28, 2021