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Support Programs

VITEC's wide range of professional video solutions is designed to meet the highest standards of reliability and quality.

In addition to standard support and warranty services, VITEC offers several extended support programs. These comprehensive programs provide extended software and hardware coverage, superior access to our technical support engineers, rapid turn-around of replacement parts as well as valuable online resources to help you maintain your video services and ensure critical equipment is always fully operational. .

By subscribing to one of VITEC's support programs, you significantly improve your ability to respond proactively and quickly to technical issues. As a subscribed customer, you are updated with the latest software modules as soon as they are released, get replacement hardware delivered to your facility as soon as an error occurs and benefit from preferential pricing on software upgrades and when scheduling on-site visits at your facility.

VITEC's support programs also include access to our annual advanced technical training schools, allowing you to get the maximum out of your video platforms and offer the best level of service.

Download the VITEC Support Brochure

Standard Plan Extended Warranty Plans
Standard Warranty Bronze Program* Silver Program Gold Program Platinum Program
Hardware Repair
Hardware Repair First year only
  Advanced Replacements
Advanced Replacements - - - Ships within 48 hours Ships within 24 hours
  Critical Security Updates
Critical Security Updates 90 days
  Minor Software / Firmware Updates
Minor Software / Firmware Updates - 25% discount 45% discount
Major Software / Firmware Updates - - 45% discount 65% discount
  Tickets for VITEC's Advanced IPTV Training Events
Tickets for VITEC's Advanced IPTV Training Events - Full Price Seats at 30% discount 1 seat per event Complementary. Additional seats at 50% discount 3 seats per event Complementary. Additional seats at 70% discount
  Support Inquiries Via Phone
Support Inquiries Via Phone - 9AM-5PM
365x24x7 hotline
4-hour response
365x24x7 hotline
2-hour response
  Support Inquiries Via Helpdesk
Support Inquiries Via Helpdesk Response within 4 business days Response within 2 business days Response within 1 business day Response within 24 hours Response within 24 hours
  Online Remote Diagnostics and Engineering Support
Online Remote Diagnostics and Engineering Support -
  On-site Engineering Support Fees (per day)
On-site Engineering Support Fees (per day) - Full Price + T&E 30% discount + T&E 50% discount + T&E 70% discount + T&E
*Bronze Program applicable to MGW portable encoders and decoders only.
A minimum 3-year period is required.