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Transcoding for Over-The-Top Services and Multi-Screen Streaming

Consumption of Over-The-Top (OTT) video is growing exponentially. Cable and Satellite TV Providers, Content Producers and Government Agencies face the challenge of broadcasting their content reliably to an ever growing variety of devices including Phones, Tablets, Smart TVs and PCs. Delivering the best user experience to each device requires highly flexible transcoding technology, superb video and audio compression all packed in a solution designed for highest availability.

VITEC’s MGW Prism is the optimal solution for real-time IP video transcoding to all standard devices and players for the creation of broadcast quality multi-screen service. It provides an “all-in-one” solution for streaming video to any hardware device or software player. VITEC MGW Prism features the latest advancements in compression including H.264 and HEVC as well as support for the leading delivery protocols Apple™ HLS, Microsoft™ SST, Adobe™ HDS, 3GPP, RTP, RTSP, UDP and more. VITEC’s OTT solution can scale for usage by any organization size to support internal applications or broadcasting to large audiences with full verified interoperability with all major CDNs.

  • Best-in-class transcoding power - up to 30 services per platform
  • Adaptive bit rate with up to 16 unique profiles per channel
  • KLV/STANAG metadata PID pass-through
  • Multi-audio support - up to 8 stereo pairs per video stream
  • Built-in encryption for Microsoft Smooth Streaming™ and VeriMatrix™
  • Integration with major CDN's including Akamai™, LimeLight™, Facebook Live and YouTube™
  • High availability configuration with hot-backup

NBC Universal Deploys VITEC IPTV Solution for Its In-House Video Delivery System

NBC Universal can distribute monitoring video services with far greater reach and flexibility than could have been provided by a conventional cable TV system.

Broadcast & News

VITEC delivers streaming video capabilities on internal networks, that integrate seamlessly with any type of broadcasting system using relatively little bandwidth and are easy to deploy.

See VITEC Solution Guide.

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VITEC's OTT & Streaming to Mobile Devices

Delivery, Recording and Management of Live and On-demand Video over IP Networks



IPTV Transcoder for Over-The-Top Services and Mobile Streaming

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Carrier-grade platforms that compress, transcode and stream video at broadcast quality