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TV Distribution Over IP

The Most Advanced TV Distribution Over IP

If you are a broadcaster delivering TV distribution over IP or you are looking to migrate from legacy cable and satellite towards a more advanced solution, VITEC offers the best products and services available in this area. We have invested in some of the best TV distribution over IP equipment development and solutions so that you can deliver high quality video to your target audience. We understand that you need to deliver your content without delay, in the highest quality and in a range of different formats.

No matter which devices you are delivering your video content to, we can ensure a true multiscreen experience that allows your target audience to view your content on practically any device. From PCs to TV and mobile to laptop, your content will be available when and where you want it. Our TV distribution over IP solutions are immensely popular with our clients and we are seeing more and more broadcasters moving to this solution as they realise the cost savings and quality standards available.

Deliver TV Distribution Over IP With Confidence

When you need to be sure that your viewers are accessing your content in perfect clarity, our TV distribution over IP services should be your first choice. We have been working in this industry for many years and we have invested in the latest technology so that you can deliver the best user experience to your viewers. Whether you are delivering recorded content or live streamed content, you can be sure it will be viewed in the highest possible quality.

Speak to the experts here at VITEC to find out more about TV distribution over IP. We would be delighted to speak to you about your requirements and find out more about what you need and how our equipment and services can help you to reach more people.