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Streaming Video Services

Deliver The Best Streaming Video Services

When you need to deliver best in class streaming video services VITEC has you covered. We supply the products and services you need to deliver the best quality service, the highest broadcast quality and the fastest and delay-free video content. Whether you need to deliver live streaming content or your content is already recorded and ready to go, you can trust our equipment to ensure it reaches your target audience in great quality and without latency or format problems.

We offer encoders and decoders that will help you to deliver your streaming video services perfectly to those who matter. The result is more viewers, excellent feedback and more and more viewings of your content. For broadcasters and VOD suppliers, you know that you need to deliver the very best streaming video services possible in order to attract viewers again and again and to ensure the broadcasts you are delivering are timely and able to be viewed on a range of different devices.

Deliver Streaming Video Services With Confidence

Our IPTV streaming video services are able to use your existing network meaning you can switch from cable or satellite without upgrading your infrastructure in most cases. More and more broadcasters and private agencies are switching to IPTV because they understand the flexibility and improve quality this type of distribution can bring.

We can also help you with encoders, recorders, transcoders and decoders. In fact, we have everything you need to ensure your video reaches its destination perfectly. Our streaming video services are just one aspect of our range and we also offer OTT mobile video and video archiving services that put you in complete control of your video data. If you would like to get the best from your streaming services, speak to the experts at VITEC to find out more about our equipment and the services we have to offer.