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Portable Video Encoders

Our Compact And Reliable Portable Video Encoders

At VITEC we understand there will be times when you need to encode on the road. Our portable video encoders give you this freedom and are able to encode and stream broadcast quality video at any bit rate and with the least amount of latency. Whether you are stationary or working in the field, our portable video encoders will not let you down.

The rugged design of our portable models means they can really take a beating when you are out on the road. We’ve worked hard to produce a product that not only does its job but which will go on doing its job for many years to come. What’s more, the compact design of our encoders makes them easy to transport and get to where you need them the most. Our 100% hardware processing also makes our encoders perfect for any IPTV or video streaming application.

Advanced Features Of Our Portable Video Encoders

Our portable video encoders offer some advanced features such as real-time image cropping, motion stabilization, video scaling and AES encryption. Whether you are working with live sports coverage or you need to deliver encrypted video to another point, our encoders are the perfect solution. They are also popular with clients working in intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance.

If you are looking for portable video encoders that can be used over unmanned network links or public networks, our encoders do the job beautifully and can offer secure streaming with error-free results. Anywhere, anytime, you can trust our portable video encoders to be ready whenever you are and to help you to get the best from your broadcasts. Speak to our team today to tell us more about your requirements. We would be delighted to help you to choose the right equipment to suit your exact needs.