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Portable Converters

Portable Converters You Can Trust

At VITEC we offer a reliable and vast line of portable converters designed to offer a simple way to connect up to 4 SDI feeds to a mosaic display. We offer a range of solutions for HD, SDI and splitting screens for a number of video signals and also offer retro vision solutions that are suitable for security.

Our portable converters also allow you to attach a mountable splitter and a color bar for equipment calibration. They are built to last and offer an easy way to transport your kit, whether you are on the road or simply need smaller equipment that is lightweight and easy to move from place to place. The rugged design of our portable models also ensures they can take all that life on the road has to throw at them and are also suitable for military use and other applications that may involve harsher terrain or transportation.

Ask Us About Our Portable Converters Today

We have been supplying various industries with portable converters for many years. The reason our customers return to us time and time again is because we offer reliable equipment that offers the highest standards in broadcasting, encoding, decoding and conversion. We allow you to transmit your video content in a range of formats and so that it arrives on any device in perfect broadcast quality.

When you are looking for portable converters that you can trust, make sure you come to VITEC. We have supplied our portable converters to a wide range of clients including clients in news, government agencies, hospitals and military agencies. We would be delighted to tell you more about our portable encoders, their capabilities and to recommend the right model to suit your needs. We also offer a range of mountable converters and pattern generators so please let us know if this is the type of equipment you are looking for.