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Point To Point Video

The Latest In Point To Point Video

Our point to point video services are the perfect solution for broadcasting point to point live news broadcasting of HD video. We give you all the advantages of HEVC encoding and take it out of the server room and where you need it the most. We also ensure your content is delivered in high quality and without any delays. In short, our point to point video allows you to give your target audience the best quality broadcasts while also reducing operating overheads. Whether you need to broadcast locally or reach remote destinations that may be constrained by low bandwidth we can help.

When you are out in the field shooting footage that you need to deliver in a hurry, you need a point to point video solution that you can trust to get your message out quickly and in the highest possible quality. With breaking news items you need to know that the footage you are shooting right now is reaching your target audience within a matter of seconds. We help you to do just that while reducing latency and broadcasting in HD quality.

The Only Point To Point Video Solution To Choose

When you are looking for a point to point video solution that you can trust and afford, take a look at VITEC’s solutions. We have worked with countless broadcasting clients, helping them to deliver point to point video to their thousands and even millions of viewers.

We can help you to deliver your content to TVs, PCs, laptops and mobile devices and have all the equipment you need to broadcast live and direct into people’s homes or onto mobile devices while your audience is on the move. Speak to the team here at VITEC today and find out more about the point to point video solutions we have available.