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Multisite Video Streaming

High Quality Multisite Video Streaming

When it comes to delivering high quality low latency multisite video streaming, nobody does it better than VITEC. We offer a range of solutions that are designed to offer the best point to point streaming and also interactive, two way streaming to your target audience. You need your broadcasts to be as reliable as possible and VITEC ensures this with our advanced and dependable multisite video streaming solutions. Whether you need to connect college campuses or corporate offices, we have your needs covered.

Our scalable video streaming solutions offer you the freedom to choose a system that grows as your needs grow. This is perfect for the large scale venue that needs live streaming services that allow it to broadcast across its complex or the company that is looking to expand operations in the future. Our systems offer you reliable broadcasting power and some of the best equipment on the market today.

Multisite Video Streaming You Can Trust

In today’s modern world there is no excuse for dropped connections or slow playback. When you are choosing multisite video streaming you need a company you can trust to offer the best streaming equipment and solutions on the market today. That is exactly what VITEC offers and we would be delighted to speak to you if you are looking for new equipment or looking to expand your existing systems.

Audience engagement just got so much easier thanks to our scalable and reliable multisite video streaming services and we would be delighted to show you just what our solutions can do and how they can help you to reach more people at the same time in multiple sites. It’s never been easier to broadcast to many people in high quality and we have helped a large number of customers to interact with their target audience and get great results from their broadcasting efforts.