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Broadcast Encoder

Best-in-Class Broadcast Encoder

If you are looking for a high performance and reliable broadcast encoder, let Vitec be your guide. We have helped many of our clients to get the best from their encoding operations thanks to our best-in-class equipment. Whether you require an encoder for military simulations or surveillance operations we can help.

It is important when choosing encoding equipment that you choose the best equipment that your budget can handle. You want equipment that is going to give you the best return on your investment for many years - our broadcast encoders offer just that reassurance. We offer an broadcast encoder that is tough, rugged and compact. This is an industrial-grade encoder that you can trust to deliver in even extreme weather conditions.

The Best Broadcast Encoder On The Market Today

Our rack mountable encoders are high quality, modular, carrier-grade machines that are designed for telecom operators, government agencies and enterprises. This equipment is designed to compress video, transcode it and then stream it in the highest quality and in a broad range of bit rates. When you need to ingest and distribute content for live media applications, we have the perfect broadcast encoder for the job at hand.

From the moment content is created to the moment it is broadcast and archived to VOD, we offer the highest quality broadcast encoder solutions for professional and industrial applications. We would be delighted to speak to you if you are looking for a broadcast encoder that you can trust and that will offer you years of reliable performance. Our equipment is designed to be rack mounted, is compact and is made to a rugged specification that will ensure your equipment can withstand use in tougher environments. Don’t go to another supplier until you have seen what Vitec has to offer. You will not be disappointed.