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Enterprise Grade IPTV & Digital Signage Platform

VITEC’s Enterprise Grade IPTV & Digital Signage Platform combines broadcast quality IPTV distribution with powerful Digital Signage capabilities into an all-in-one integrated solution. Designed to seamlessly integrate with any IT environment and run on all types of networks: LAN, WAN and Wireless - EZ TV is the ideal solution for enterprise customers, sports stadiums and arenas, medical facilities and government agencies looking for a secure, scalable cost-effective way to distribute video and display dynamic signs using their existing IP network.

The award winning EZ TV platform offers the most advanced IPTV experience with live streaming, on-demand video, digital recording, mosaic player, time-shifted TV and customizable look-and-feel. EZ TV content security and user-access controls are certified by military units and broadcasters for local and multi-site applications. The EZ TV Digital Signage module uses hardware-based powerful End-Points to deliver eye-catching digital content with dynamic data and full HD IPTV content - all managed from a centralized server.

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EZ TV Enterprise Grade IPTV & Signage BrochureMilitary SolutionsEnd Points and Video Wall ProcessorsSports Venue White Paper

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VITEC’s Enterprise Grade IPTV & Digital Signage Platform is a One-stop-shop for All IP Video Needs

With more than 500,000 users and TV displays powered by the EZ TV platform – VITEC’s Platform is the in-house system of choice for most cable and TV broadcast centers, military units, government agencies, fortune-100 companies as well as arenas and stadiums of colleges and professional sports teams. The hardware-based IPTV set-top-boxes and Signage End-Points cost a fraction of the price of PC-based media players while consistently delivering a smooth, secure, uninterrupted viewing experience for the most demanding graphics and video applications.

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EZ TV IPTV & Digital Signage Platform Solutions


VITEC’s IPTV and Digital Signage Solution for Sports Venues enhances fan experience with best-in-class viewing and creates new opportunities for fan engagement.



Comprehensive solution for high-quality delivery, recording and management of live and on-demand video over IP networks securely offers advanced viewing options, collaboration and distribution tools.



Cutting edge IPTV & Digital Signage Platform provides a comprehensive solution for high quality delivery and management of live and on-demand video over IP networks.


Enterprise IPTV Network Solutions