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Integrated Tactical IPTV Solution for ISR FMV


VITEC archiving solutions provide top quality real-time and on-demand video to PCs, TVs and Mobile Device screens you need - anytime, anywhere and on any network. FITIS provides efficient playback, sorting and retrieval of vital video assets, effectively exploiting live and recorded video assets to create actionable, real-time intelligence.

VITEC provides a simple, flexible and cost effective video distribution solution integrated with full motion video (FMV) for capturing, processing, archiving, indexing, managing and disseminating tactical ISR video and metadata. The system is designed for optimal distribution of IP video across LAN’s and WAN’s and in any network configuration.

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FITIS Product

Full Motion Video Solutions for Military Forces

VITEC solutions include IPTV Systems, Encoders (Blade Systems and Portables) for live, accurate video of the tactical arena shared by all levels of the command structure at the same time.


FITIS - FMV Integrated Tactical IPTV System

FITIS provides recording, indexing and distribution of KLV/STANAG compatible streams. Real-time actionable FMV intelligence is delivered, including after-action-review, 24x7 recording of video streams, tagging and collaboration capabilities. Enhanced playback features, indexing, exploitation and dissemination of motion imagery provides continuous, reliable and cost-effective archiving of FMV streams with metadata. With support for virtualization and multi-site deployments, FITIS integrates with deployed FMV and IT equipment and helps with rapid setup for secure IP-based access to a real-time situational awareness solution.


Situational Awareness, Decision Support Systems, IPTV Platforms

VITEC’s cutting-edge, Full Motion Video (FMV) solutions deliver real-time and on-demand video to PCs, TVs and Mobile Device screens - anytime, anywhere and on any network. Designed for mission critical applications, VITEC’s FMV solutions facilitate informed decision-making and faster response to operational challenges.