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MGW Prism Advanced

IPTV Transcoder for Over-The-Top Services, Mobile Streaming and HEVC Projects

 VITEC’s MGW Prism Advanced is the optimal solution for real-time IP video transcoding to all standard devices and players for the creation of broadcast quality multi-screen service. With its real-time HEVC codec, MGW Prism can reduce network bandwidth of any IPTV content by 50% (compared to H.264) or 75% (compared to MPEG-2) while maintaining the same video and audio quality and keeping critical KLV / STANAG meta data intact.

High Performance and Easy Set-up Transcoding Platform MGW Prism Advanced is a high-efficiency transcoding platform that combines a wide range of video codecs, advanced compression tools, broadcast and military metadata handling - all integrated into a 1-RU server platform that can be deployed in IT rooms, data centers or portable carts. Online video streaming services and enterprises can broadcasting their content on everything from Mobile Phones and Tablets to IP Set-Top-Boxes with a transcoding system flexible enough to adapt content to any common device's network or streaming protocol.

MGW Prism Advanced supports 4K (UHD) H.264 content transcoding to HEVC, improving the viewing experience by maintaining excellent quality while reducing the bit rate. The KLV metadata pass-through feature enables government and military entities to re-purpose incoming ISR and FMV content with additional compression while maintaining CoT data on the output stream.

MGW Prism Advanced packs a unique set of advanced capabilities such as logo insertion, Q-tone support for ad-insertion (SCTE-35), Closed Captioning, DVB subtitles and Teletext. Exceptional broadcast quality picture is achieved with its wide range of pre-processing tools that include adaptive de-interlacing, video resizing and frame rate down-conversion.




  • Live delivery of News, Sports and Events
  • Transcoding existing MPEG-2 and H.264 content to bandwidth-efficient HEVC streams
  • Converting 4K/UHD streams to HEVC
  • Over-the-Top (OTT) Web Streaming
  • IPTV services and PiP applications
  • Broadband TV to multiple screens
  • Uplink critical video content to airborne platforms


MGW Prism Advanced - Low Res Image
MGW Prism Advanced Datasheet



  • Best-in-class HEVC transcoding power - up to 8 services per platform
  • Cutting-edge HEVC encoding saves up to 50% bandwidth compared to H.264
  • Superb UHD/HD/SD picture quality in any bit rate (built-in downscaling)
  • Apple™ HLS, MPEG-DASH, Microsoft™ SST, Adobe™ HDS, 3GPP, RTP, RTSP, UDP 
  • KLV/STANAG metadata PID pass-through
  • Adaptive bit rate with up to 16 unique profiles per channel
  • Multi-audio support - up to 8 stereo pairs per video stream
  • Integration with major CDN's including Akamai™, LimeLight™, Facebook Live and YouTube™
  • High availability configuration with hot-backup