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VITEC Transcoding Solutions


VITEC's carrier grade transcoder solutions provide HD video technology and networking expertise to provide integration services tailored to each customer's unique requirements. VITEC transcoders provide optimal solutions for real-time Transcoding of IP video for multi-screen video delivery, over-the-top (OTT) Services and Mobile Streaming. Not only do VITEC Transcoding solutions combine the individual streams, but MGW Mosaic can also transcode the resultant stream down to different bitrates depending on the need and requirement to take full advantage of available network resources. It was designed as a versatile IP Transcoding solution to handle the most challenging requirements of the Enterprise, Broadcasters and Military IPTV deployments.

Transcoder Solutions
IP Transcoders


IP Transcoders

IP Transcoder for Multi-Screen Video Delivery, Over-The-Top Services and Mobile Streaming provides versatile IP Transcoding Solution for Enterprise, Broadcasters and Military IPTV needs.

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