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Focus FS-H50/60/70

Portable Proxy Recorder

 Designed for video professionals, Focus FS-H50/60/70 Portable Recorders pack a wealth of functionality into a sleek and durable package that is no bigger than a deck of cards and weighs only a bit more. Focus FS-H50/60/70 simplifies acquisition workflow by recording low bit-rate H.264 clips, either concurrently with high resolution content recorded by a camera or independently. Clips can be instantly streamed to mobile devices and uploaded to networks or video platforms for sharing and collaboration, without transcoding.

Focus FS-H50/60/70 professional recorders offer a range of resolutions up to 1080p30 and bit-rates up to 8 Mb/s. The three models, FS-H50, FS-H60, and FS-H70 include composite and analog audio inputs, a HDMI input and a HD/SD-SDI input, respectively.

The portable Focus FS-H50/60/70 can be attached to all professional camcorders as well as to video sources including DSLRs, switchers, POV cameras, broadcast streams and VTRs. It records up to 650 hours of content on a standard 32 GB SDHC card and supports industry standard wrappers such as Quicktime MOV, MP4 and AVC HD.

Clips may be transferred to video sharing web sites or mobile devices simply by inserting the SDHC media card into a computer. Content may be directly uploaded via Ethernet or Wi-Fi with an optional Ethernet LAN or Wi-Fi adapter (FTP upload or direct link), which also enables users to preview live video input, access/upload recorded clips, operate Focus FS-H50/60/70 controls and change settings.

To ease FS-H recorder management, VITEC designed FS-Remote software: an intuitive end user application to Detect, Control, Synchronize and Monitor one or several FS-H Recorders in one single view (for Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad). For custom integration within your application, VITEC provides a HTTP or RS232 API for control and clip/stream management upon request.

FS-H recorders are also available as OEM board level for a full integration within your video product (FS-H50/60/70 OEM). Contact us!




  • Broadcast – Proxy workflow, breaking news, dailies, press junkets
  • Sports
  • Medical
  • Education
  • House of Worship


FS Remote Quickstart 2.1
FS-Remote 1.2.58 for Mac
FS-Remote 1.2.58 for PC
Focus FS-H50 Release Notes 1.05.04
Focus FS-H50-60-70 Datasheet
Focus FS-H50 Firmware 1.05.04
Focus FS-H50 Proxy Recorder User Manual v1.5
Focus FS-H50/60/70 - Low Res Image
Focus FS-H60 Firmware 1.01.03
Focus FS-H60 Release Notes 1.01.03
Focus FS-H60-70 Proxy Recorder User Manual v1.2
Focus FS-H70 Firmware v1.05.43
Focus FS-H70 Release Notes v1.05.43


  • A complete range of inputs; Composite (FS-H50), HDMI with loop-through (FS-H60), or SDI with loop-through (FS-H70)
  • Half D1 to 1080p30 recording (from 500kb/s to 8Mb/s) depending upon model
  • File compatibility with popular smartphones, tablets,  computers and NLEs
  • Synchronized recording and timecode burn-in (FS-H70) , pre-recording and live snapshot features (full frame capture of the video input)
  • Flexible camera-mount options including camera mount cradle
  • Optional Ethernet LAN or VITEC Wi-Fi Adapter enables live video input preview using HLS or RTSP streaming and remote control. Compatible with computers and mobile devices (iOS/Android)
  • FS-Remote : Software application to Detect, Control, Synchronize and Monitor one or several FS-H Recorders in one single application (Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad) – based on HTTP API
  • Visit Apple app store FS-Remote for iOS