Create, manage and display impactful digital signage to enhance all of your communications.
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Provide an enhanced and intuitive IPTV experience through a customised viewing interface.
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AvediaStream Media Players
Display high-quality video streams and digital signage on any display with a range of high-performance digital media players.
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Manage your end-to-end Exterity IP video system from a single, central server platform.
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AvediaStream Gateways
Stream hundreds of live TV and radio channels throughout your organisation over your IP network.
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AvediaStream Encoders
Stream high-quality, live and pre-recorded low latency video content over IP.
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AvediaStream Transcoders
Transform digital media content for compatibility with any device, anywhere.
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AvediaStream Origin Server
Easily distribute video content to any device across LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi and the Internet.
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AvediaStream Chassis
AvediaStream chassis are designed for a wide range of organisational needs and budgets.
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Harness the power of VITEC IPTV, Streaming Videos & Digital Signage Solutions that can be tailored to each customer's unique marklet needs, with easy-to-use video technologies for seamless distribution in a multitude of formats anytime, anywhere, to any device.

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