PCIe Encoders

Professional Grade HD/SD H.264 or HEVC Advanced Encoding and Compression Boards with SDK

VITEC’s PCIe Encoders deliver extremely high-quality HD/SD H.264 HEVC/MPEG-1/2 encoding up to 1080p with 4:2:0 sampling. Designed for professional vendors and integrators who build HD video servers and applications for broadcasting, VOD, ad insertion, program initiation and military simulation and surveillance systems. From entry-level professional, offering feature-rich SDK, multi-language support to demanding video professional boards, providing extremely high-quality HD and SD H.264 encoding with bundled software applications that will multiplex streams as MP4, transport streams and easily grabs still images.

Encoding, Compression and Platform Boards


Designed for demanding video applications, the VITEC VM4-C9 delivers extremely high quality HD and SD H.264 and HEVC encoding up to 1080p30 (SDI & HDMI).


PCIe capture and compression board


HD-SDI H.264 Encoder


PCIe capture and compression board

Feature Comparison

Advanced H.264 EncoderAVC/H.264 MPEG EncoderMPEG-2 and MPEG-1 EncoderMPEG-4 ASP l, MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 Encoder

From content creation, broadcasting and archiving to VOD, VITEC Boards provide high quality encoding for industrial and professional applications

For a surprisingly low cost VITEC hardware-based encoders provide top digital and analog video quality and offer a variety of video and audio interfaces, video resolutions, audio encoding formats and MPEG multiplexing capabilities.