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Encoder Boards, Rackmount Encoders and Portable Encoder Solutions


VITEC’s Portable HEVC & H.264 Encoding and Streaming Appliances offer many audio and video input formats and broadcast-grade compression quality. They are industrial-grade high-density, compact, rugged, and ultra-small, providing Point-to-point video contribution with ultra-low delay.

Rackmount Encoders are professional, modular carrier grade encoding platforms designed for government agencies, Telco operators and Enterprises to compress, transcode and stream video at broadcast quality and in a wide variety of bit rates. VITEC Rackmount Encoders are ideal for ingesting and distributing content for any live media application.

From content creation, broadcasting and archiving to VOD, VITEC’s Professional Grade HD/SD H.264 Advanced Encoding and Compression Boards, with SDK for developers, provide high quality encoding for industrial and professional applications. VITEC boards are designed for professional vendors and integrators who build HD video servers and applications for broadcasting, VOD, ad insertion, program initiation, military simulation and surveillance systems.

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Featured Case Study - VITEC Proxy Recorders Save Time for Laurentian University

Laurentian University, incorporated on March 28, 1960, in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, features a School of Medicine and Canada's newest School of Architecture. With DVD quickly becoming a time consuming, ‘old school' technology, the University needed a quicker and more effective way to share, review or edit their recorded presentations.

VITEC's Proxy Recorders decreased time to market by providing the University with a digital version of their MP4 or AVC recording in one pass. Content can now be quickly and easily shared throughout the University with less effort and in less time. Read More

Portable Encoders

Professional Series of Portable H.264 Encoding and Streaming Appliances 


Rackmount Encoders

Carrier Grade Encoding Platforms for Government Agencies, Telco operators and Enterprises 


Encoder Boards


Professional Grade HD/SD H.264 Advanced Encoding and Compression Boards with SDK