Broadcast quality, low latency and reliable decoding solutions for demanding professional applications

VITEC’s portable & OpenGear IP decoding appliances deliver broadcast quality video decoding with low latency at any rate, on any network. Best in class decoder cards provide advanced, reliable and highly versatile PCIe video decoding solutions.

Portable & openGear Decoders

Professional grade, high quality and low latency HEVC & H.264 decoders

Best-in-Class H.264/MPEG-4 IPTV Decoders for HD/SD Video Streams work for a variety of industries from military operations to digital signage for educational, transportation and medical institutions, streaming PC content over IP and displaying on large screens for training and distance learning.

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PCIe Decoders

Advanced, highly versatile PCIe decoding for professional applications

Decoder Boards

Advanced and highly versatile PCIe video decoding solutions for demanding professional applications. VITEC offers a complete range of stable and reliable decoders rendering the latest video standards from SD to HD.

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MGW Ace Encoder and MGW Ace Decoder pair deliver zero-latency contribution with 16 ms glass-to-glass latency thanks to the VITEC HEVC GEN2+ codec.

This groundbreaking codec provides best-in-class HEVC video quality up to 4:2:2 10-bit, setting new industry standards in video quality, bit rate, and latency. In addition, the streaming solution is compatible with industry standard decoders, such as the popular VLC player, ensuring unprecedented latency with a software decoder, as low as 50 ms glass-to-glass.

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