VITEC’s Telemetry Network Protocol (TNP) IP Multiplexer/De-multiplexers and IP Protocol Adaptors transport serial Telemetry data, professional AES/EBU Audio, and associated IRIG signals between locations over large distances, linked by commercial IP-based networks with the highest degree of signal integrity. In addition to telemetry services, the TNP Series provides Multi-service Platform capabilities, furnishing low latency transmission of T1/E1 telecommunications signals, as well as broadband analog signals and video.

The VITEC TNP products specialise in facilitating high performance, low latency services over packet-based networks and are used in Defence, Telemedicine and Industrial scenarios.


Features & Benefits

  • Real-time transport of PCM Telemetry streams from 100 bit/sec to 400 Mbit/sec
  • Simultaneous transport of ancillary streams, including IRIG timing and video sources
  • Deterministic latency and flatline response, enabling temporal alignment of streams with different native rates
  • High-density port count; ports can be configured for service types, direction and physical layer characteristics
  • Remote management support via HTTP and SNMP protocols


The TNP-100 IP Multiplexer/De-multiplexer streams to 50 Mbit/sec and provides service support for analog, telemetry, video and telecoms.
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The TNP-200 streams to 50Mbit/sec and has four user-configurable multifunction ports per unit.
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The TNP-400 streams to 400 Mbit/sec and has two balanced ECL interfaces per unit.
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