EZ TV Management and Administration Server
Administration interface for configuring IPTV services such as live TV channels, programming guides, uploading VOD content, managing users and permissions, monitoring all system components using real time dashboards and tracking system usage.
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EZ TV Browser Player
Powerful, plugin-based, IPTV Player provides a one-stop-shop for playback of all streaming formats. Advanced experience includes user-defined mosaic grids, programming guide (EPG), display of KLV metadata, 608/708 Closed Captions support, personal and network DVR functions, seamless integration with Microsoft Active Director with single-sign-on support and AES 128/256-bit decryption.
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EZ TV Player Lite
EZ TV Player Lite is powered by VITEC’s HTML5 Multicast-to-the-Edge® technology (US Patent No. 10728589). Plays live UDP MPEG multicast streams and on-demand files on any browser, without using browser plugins, on both Windows OS and Mac OS computers. Real-time AES decryption support, fully compatible with the content security requirements of all major satellite and cable TV content providers as well as with US Government and Department of Defence full motion video DRM specifications.
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Video-on-Demand and recording add-on that provides the ability to upload video assets or record programs streaming on the network. Admins and users can trigger recordings based on privileges and quotas configured in the EZ TV Portal.
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EZ TV Media Library
Easy-to-use, powerful solution for Government and Military users to manage digital video content quickly and collaborate with colleagues. It integrates seamlessly into any existing IT environment and serves both local area network users (LAN) and remote users (WAN),and enables users to perform powerful tasks such as cutting, stitching, extracting, and playing back multiple videos time-synced from any device.
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EZ TV App for Android and iOS
VITEC’s IPTV player for iOS and Android devices integrates with the EZ TV Portal server to receive channel line-ups, programming information and user permissions. It delivers a best-of-class mobile streaming experience with under 500ms end-to-end delay for live video, support for up to 1080p content, network-efficient multicast UDP TS decoding and support for VITEC’s AES content protection / DRM for fully secure delivery of any content on any Wi-Fi network.
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EZ TV App for LG WebOS Devices
VITEC’s IPTV player for LG webOS devices is a native app fully integrated to use LG’s webOS framework and run natively on LG SoC TVs and LG media players. EZ TV App for webOS provides the full experience of the EZ TV Platform with customizable channel line-ups, programming information, user permissions, emergency messages, MoEs, and more.
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EZ TV Personal TV Middleware
State-of-the-art TV middleware software that allows users equipped with VITEC’s IPTV set-top boxes to interact with their TVs, tune into live TV streams, view local feeds, watch on-demand videos, browse through up-to-date programming information, record shows and manage DVR saved content.
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EZ TV Sign Creator
Digital Signage authoring web-based application that makes the design and creation of engaging digital signs a breeze. An intuitive application supports a broad range of assets including videos, pictures, IPTV streams, social elements, sports scores, integration with food catering providers and multiple layers of graphics, all meshed into highly dynamic signage content to be displayed on VITEC’s IPTV/Digital Signage End Points.
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Automation and Control
This is an add-on that enables the user to easily create their own touch-enabled control panels for conference rooms, clubs etc. This saves the cost of purchasing, integrating and maintaining other systems when used for controlling rooms with IPTV TVs.
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