With the Avedia IPTV & Digital Signage Platform, from one central location you can:

With the Avedia IPTV & Digital Signage Platform, from one central location you can:

  • Manage and control all devices in your IPTV system, including SmartTVs
  • Manage Video on Demand (VoD) and recordings and create custom channels
  • Maintain and upgrade devices using the Site Manager app
  • Create, manage and publish digital signage with ArtioSign
  • Create and publish interactive IPTV portals with ArtioView
  • Create Workflows to trigger sequences of actions at the push of a button

Manage content and devices in one location

  • Centrally record channels from VITEC Gateways and Encoders on the IP network.
  • Create channels using uploaded or recorded content - supports up to 4K UHD and HEVC (H.265).
  • Deliver content to suit the viewer’s schedule, with Catchup TV and Video on Demand, providing a more convenient and personalised experience.
  • Create sequences of actions (power on, set volume/channel, publish ArtioSign signage playlists) that can be carried out frequently with workflows.

Create and deliver eye-catching content

  • Customise interactive viewing interfaces with built-in IPTV middleware, ArtioView, which can be tailored for individuals or groups of viewers in different areas of an organisation or venue.
  • Create, manage and publish eye-catching and engaging digital signage with built-in ArtioSign to enhance communications across a range of industries, including corporate, hospitality, stadiums, healthcare and more.

Find the Avedia Platform configuration that meets your needs from the table below or contact your system integrator for advice

AvediaServer ModuleIP video system managementSmart ControlVideo on Demand and PlaybackArtioSignArtioSign video import conversionArtioView
AvediaServer m8105    
AvediaServer m8115  
AvediaServer m8365

Avedia Platform software modules run on the following hardware models TYPO 110 Mpbs

  Core Software ModulesBandwidth OptionsHard Disk RAID Options
—RAID 10—
m8105m8115m8365110 Mbs220 Mbps550 Mbps1000 Mbps2000 Mbps3000 Mbps6000 Mbps4TB8TB16TB24TB32TB48TB

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