Specifically designed for harsh environments, VITEC’s rugged range of portable HEVC & H.264 streaming encoders are military-grade and ultra-compact.

They deliver Surveillance, Intelligence and Reconnaissance (ISR) video over the internet generated by manned/unmanned aircraft, ground or marine vehicles operating in extreme conditions.

From a pocket-sized encoder that can be powered by a battery pack, to a high-efficiency multi-channel HEVC encoder, VITEC’s military-grade streaming appliances are used in many different global military situations. Live video can be encrypted and streamed to the Command/- Headquarters giving them valuable and current information. All of VITEC’s portable encoders support KLV MISB 0601 and 0902 as well as KLV/STANAG 4609 metadata injection over serial, SDI or IP connections. This is ideal for pairing of tactical data with associated video to relay as much information as possible.

VITEC Rugged Encoders features and benefits

  • Withstand harsh environments and extreme conditions
  • Support KLV / STANAG 4609 metadata
  • Support multi-channel, low latency streaming from up to 4x SDI and or Composite sources
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) support for exceptional video contrast, brightness and details
  • HEVC and H.264 compression Protected Streams (Zixi™, SRT, RIST and Pro-MPEG)
  • Deliver video streams to mobile devices

Full Motion Video delivered with 
MGW TOUGH Portable Encoders

MGW Diamond TOUGH is a Military Grade HEVC & H.264 Quad Channel HD/SD encoder for ground vehicles and aircraft.
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MGW Pico+ TOUGH is a miniature, power-efficient MIL STD certified HEVC and H.264 rugged video encoder.
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MGW Pico TOUGH is the world's smallest, most power-efficient rugged MPEG-4 H.264 HD/SD video encoder
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Rugged, MIL-STD certified H.264 HD/SD Encoder featuring low latency video streaming for ISR and SA
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